New Naruto AU RP group?

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  1. This is an interest check in the purist sense. I wanna know if a decent number of people would be interested in being the starting members of a possible Naruto alternate universe roleplay. I been thinking about doing one for about a week, and decided to see what others think. I think if at least 5-10 people are interested I might do it.

    So you have some info on what I'd do, if this is done. AU, meaning no canon characters. This would be a fairly open roleplay, no "You must start as a Genin" BS, you will be allowed to make a character up to Jounin or ANBU rank, with Kage's and other more important roles being decided on by myself and maybe some other 'admin' I may elect. I have ideas for the backstory leading up to where the RP begins, nothing crazy but enough to give you an idea. I do have plans for an 'Akatsuki-esk' group, that I refer to as Karasu. Can do timeskips every once and a while, to let characters age and grow, become more powerful, so on.

    Ah. Some people may want a bit of accreditation of me, I've roleplayed for a decade, pretty good at it, I think. I've run a lot of roleplays over the years, mostly standalone forums. At age 13 I ran what was at the time the most popular InuYasha roleplay forum on the net, at age 15 I ran a successful original roleplay forum for a couple years. I've run numerous Naruto roleplays everywhere, forums, Gaia, just...a lot. Anyways, if you want some real stuff to see, go find the old group Battle of Aincrad...It kinda failed after some key players left, but you can see the detail I put into my work.

    So, anyone interested in being part of this? Think a new RP would be nice?
    Lookin to see if at least 5 to 10 people are interested.
  2. I'm mildly interested in this.
  3. *Raises hand* Just gonna leave my interest here.
  4. Got a couple interested, any more?
  5. I'd be willing to join.
  6. That makes three...not lookin to good for this.
  7. Consider my interest piqued as well.
  8. I'm always interested in a good Naruto roleplay. But then again, you know that, Kamoku-kun. ^^
    Sucks I can't be Hinata; but. I think I might play Kam/Hina's daughter, since "technically" she's not a "canon" character. And I'd think it'd be cool to develop her! :3
  9. So much Rasen Shuriken Ideas.

    And I think OP Means OC instead of AU. Because frankly, Alternate universe dosen't mean said Canon characters can't exist. They simply won't be the same characters of course. And most likely will be downgraded to normal.

    And For some reason, as it's AU, it means that the whole "World of Ninja" History will have to be re-written, no? (Example, that there are still wars, Those pesky beasts still roam freee and it'd be best to avoid them, etc, etc.)

    Any Rules about "Kekkei Genkai"? Not to burst any bubbles, But some of them (Namely Sharingan, Byakugan, and Even The Shadow thing of that Nara clan), Are simply unbalanced strong. (Like Sharingan toolboxing, People BSing their way into Mangekyo, people that aims perfectly at the vitals via Byakugan, etc, etc.), not that I'm against specialization. (I tend to also see Byakugan that way, as the way that the Hyuga clan tends to do this, it woudn't be surprising if they make better assassins than most.). It's something I might join, once the ruling are properly establised. Because Frankly, Just saying OC, I can just port in a Guy From Pokemon, or YGO and for example, scream Negation all over the place. (Kinda like Kisame's Giant Shark bomb thing.)
  10. You can count my interest as well.
  11. I guess if anything comes of this, tag me in it!
  12. This interesting you can count me in!
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