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  1. Hey everyone^^
    Well I have been wanting to start a new My Little Pony RP for some time now. I had one up a little while back, to which when I started it, it stayed active for a while. I had two OC ponies that I played in the rp and sense then I've come up with a third OC pony as well.

    The two OC ponies I played in the first My Little Pony RP I started up were named SheenithStarstep and JadeJellPie and I plan to RP them in this My Little Pony RP as well as my third OC pony whom I have named DraydenBelle.

    SheenithStarstep is an OC pony I made to be Twilight Sparkle's and Shining Armor's little brother. Sheenith is the age of Applebloom, Sweetiebelle, and Scooteloo. Sheenith knows a lot about his older sister and he also knows a lot about his older brother. But Twilight and Shining Armor don't know about Sheenith yet.

    JadeJellPie I made to be PinkiePie's younger brother. He is very good friends with Sheenith. JadeJell also knows a lot about PinkiePie but PinkiePie doesn't know about him.

    DraydenBelle is a colt that's a little bit older. Drayden is still academy age but he's in his last year where Sheenith and JadeJell are in their second year with the girls. Drayden is also in knowledge about his siblings, his older sister Rarity and his younger sister SweetieBelle. Rarity and SweetieBelle don't know about him yet though. Drayden however is very protective of SweetieBelle, and SweetieBelle is aware of this as well as her friends. And Drayden being so protective like he is to her makes her wonder considering she doesn't know anything about him.

    So yeah there are my three OC ponys DraydenBelle, JadeJellPie, and SheenithStarstep. I hope we all have fun with this RP.^^

    here's the IC thread link
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