New Moon bar & night club.

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right, gonna need some more info before i join, though im tempted to write up a bouncer.

firstly, where in Australia is the rp set (as in state, as an Australian myself this is important for how i play the character) and how much of the 'Weres' is known by humanity, are there groups that hunt them, are they all kissy kissy love love with humans that sort of deal.
*Raises hand!* I wanna play too! I'll be a customer. >:D It might take me a day or two before I can put up a bio though.
Oh right sorry about the lack of detail there.
It's set in Melbourne City- Australia which if I'm right is in Victoria state. As for the weres, no they aren't known throughout humanity ^-^
But is there anyone who would like there to be group/s of humans who know about them, and that hunt them?
yup. you got yourself a hunter......and its in my home state! FUCK YEAH. LOCAL KNOWLEDGE.

*envisions posts of driving down the eastern, and descriptions of peak hour punt road or flinders street.*


oh, and you dont have to put state at the end of victoria! or any state (though northern territory has northern on it.)

Is it safe to assume that this died before it had a chance to begin?