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  1. Okay Ladies and Jerks,

    We have a new Advertising Mod and Sakura Slave.

    Everyone say Hai Miru~

    Now you may spam these sorts of threads like people always do.
  3. Gah, I love the pictures! >w<

    It really is a shame the ship doesn't get more attention. :/ ...I think especially after the BOTW hype has died down a little, less fanart is being made. : (
  4. o_o'' Hello! *Makes it a point to hide from Vay*
  5. You fail us, you die.

    You don't fail us, I make snippy comments

    You half-fail us, I make snippy comments and send a member to troll you.
  6. ._.'
    Very clear-cut, Asmo.
  7. Congrats Miru!

  8. Congratulations Miru!!
  9. As a former Mod for Iwaku, congrats on the new position. Make sure you do your best, and keep up with the commitments. : )
  10. Indeed! ^_^
  11. And you STILL HAVE THE "New Mod" smell!

    *Sniffs Miru's hair*

    Seriously, though, happy modship to you!
  12. Welcome to our family of supposed mafia members. Don't worry about the horse head in your bed when you wake up, that's just a welcoming gift.

    But seriously congrats and hope you do well.
  13. And I'll do my best to uphold everyone's expectations. ^_^
  14. Congratulations!

    I look forward to serving with you on the staff ^_^
  15. o__O
  16. Better him than me...Better for Iwaku anyways.
  17. *Stands behind Miru with a club, holding a sign that reads "HELLO! I'M YOUR TROLL!"

    Oh, this is gonna be fun...
  18. Congrats on the promotion.
  19. *A Minigunner slits Grumpy's throat then takes his head off. Several more continue to stalk Miru from the shadows.*
  20. Congratulations Miru! =D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.