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Hi, call me Doug.

I'm a veteran DnD and GURPS system player, and I've just joined this site to see if I can't expand on some characters and concepts I've been working with for a while. It's been quite some time since I've done a forum RP, but I figured I'd get back into the scene, hopefully in a place a little more dignified than some other forum sites I dare not mention here.

My favorite genre of RP is definitely science fiction, but I've been considering broadening my horizons in roleplay settings as of late.

So, if anybody wants to start something, send a message or give me a shout! I hope to get some good games going here.

Hey Doug.

I'm Vay, Rp support, noob welcomer, and projects mod. You might want to transfer some of the info in your first post into one of these little babies. As you've noticed he have a few DnD related RPs and a sporadically active tabletop group called the Table Top Tyrants, or simply T3.

I'll let the other teaming masses welcome you now, you may want to take cover though... theres 40k players about (one of them).
Welcome to the site Doug. I'm sure you'll find lots of awesome games to play here.
I don't know about dignified... XD But fun? Yes, it'll be fun. >:3 Welcome aboard.
Hello thar doug and welcome to the Iwaku my name is Shadow Ike call me Ike for short, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask we all can help you.
Have fun here! I'm open to questions or roleplays if you have anything you'd like help with or a player. I'm pretty kidnappable as long as it's interesting. ^_~

*Gives a welcome hug*
You're in luck -- not only do we have DnD style games set up here but other roleplays as well that you can enroll your character in to play different sorts of games with other people.
Welcome to Iwaku, I'm Kitti, and it's nice to meet you!
this is all great to hear!

I've already got a couple of games I'm going into, but I'm having trouble getting into a good game that I've been trying to insert a specific type of character into. I've been trying to get into a game that is set in a 1600's/1700's setting, preferably east asia. A friend of mine and me have a Chinese martial artist character, and a European merchant (think something Marco Polo), respectively, and we've been trying to get ourselves into a good forum RP where we could properly utilize those characters.

I'll post some character bios if there's a thread for it, but if anybody has some good game recommendations for those kinds of characters, please give me a shout.
You can also make your own game here <3
I'm not especially good at transferring DnD type things to the forum format but we have members that would be marvelous help, if you're interested.
Two I know have a good knowledge of creating those style games are:
Boss Frost, if you can catch him online.
Seiji, he's here often and has good experience.
Hey Doug, welcome to Iwaku. :D.
I, myself, have come for the same reasons to this forum so hopefully we've found a match. If you'd ever like to start up a storyline make sure to drop me a message. I'd love to get some literate writing going. Until we meet again,