New member, but full of ideas. Six one on one ideas.

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  1. Hello I may be a newbie to the site, but I am definitely not a newbie when it comes to roleplaying. I am looking for someone who will at least post three sentences, will play the guy part, and won't just sign up and leave. I hope you like my ideas. (:

    1.) Cross your heart, hope to die
    Ten years ago an eleven year old girl and a twelve year old boy made a promise, and it was in the middle of Summer break. They were the best of friends and always attached to each other 24/7, so when the girl and her family had to move they made one little promise. To be best friends forever no matter what, and to never forget each other. Cross your heart, hope to die. Well being so far away the two grew apart and within less than a year all contact was broke and they did end up forgetting about each other, and come ten years later they are living different lives. The boy always thought about her though, and had always hope she would write him since he had no way of contacting her though he had gave up on it recently. He had maybe had a couple girlfriends since but just couldn't get over her, and the girl never wrote him considering she waited on him to write her and just assumed he forgot about her so she moved on. She is in a relationship but doesn't know how well that will work out now, she had never been one for long distant relationships since she knew they didn't work. She's moving back to her old neighborhood and even in the same house, but by this time she figured her friend probably wasn't even there anymore. At first neither one of them recognize each other, and once again it is Summer so will they ever realize just who the other is?

    <strike>2.) Perfectly flawed
    She is the girl that everyone hates and loves at the same time, she is the most popular girl in school and everyone thinks she is perfect. What they don't know is that she is far from it. She cuts herself, has major depression, gets abused by her father (mother's dead.), and has came close to committing suicide a couple of times. He is not popular, but not a loser either. Just a normal high school guy who has always had a crush on her, but never could get the courage to talk to her. He starts to notice her change in attitude in the last year since her mother died, he sees through the act she puts up and only wants to help her now.</strike>

    <strike>3.) A dangerous Attraction
    There's a new choir teacher in school, in his early twenties as he got all of his credits and graduated early. All of the girls in school are talking about how attractive he is, One girl could really care less as she just wants a teacher who can actually teach. The last choir teacher knew nothing, so the girl just hoped he would know what he would be doing. The teacher just like any teacher is disappointed by how his students are throwing themselves at them, but as a guy he is a little dissatisfied when one of the girls pays him no attention. What happens when the girl starts coming to him for more help with her voice, and they start getting closer and closer? Will they be able to push their feelings aside, or will they follow their hearts in this attraction they have for one another? A dangerous attraction.</strike>

    <strike>4.) Falling for the enemy.
    Summer finally comes around and everyone is excited, no more school and nothing but fun. Mostly everyone is gone for Summer Vacations which is the case for everyone except two teens. All of their friends have pretty much left, so they have just been spending their vacation alone. The girl is the bullied while the boy is the bully, he goes out of his way to hurt her and make her life miserable and she has no clue why. (You can make up the reason, or I can.) She tries to stay away from him as much as possible since she is afraid of him hurting her again, well when she runs into him in the park as she wasn't paying attention to where she was walking he sees how much damage he has done to this poor girl. She fears her life when around him and once she ran into him he can see that, he immediately feels guilt and sadness because of it so he tries to make it up to her with Summer. Will she let him? Does he truly feel bad, or is it all just another way to hurt her not physically but emotionally?</strike>

    <strike>5.) Let's play a game.</strike>
    <strike> You have been best friends with this girl since you could remember, you have seen her upset, cry, angry, happy and everything else. She has seen you the same way too, you guys have always been through everything with each other and always find way to tease the other. But when the girl you like and they guy she likes are paying no attention to you guys, you decide to play a little game. Here's how it goes: You act normal around each other during all times of the day until your crush is around. Whenever one of your guys's crush is around you use each other to try and make your crush jealous. Neither of you mind since you're practically brother and sister, so you just saw it as helping the other out. Just in case though anything started to happen between you two, you decided to make the game more interesting. The first person to say I love you, I like you, I have feelings for you or any of that sort loses the game. Both of you are quite competitive so you're careful to not let that happen. Will on cave and the other not feel the same way or will you both fall head over heels for each other?</strike>

    <strike>6.) It's a bet.
    You're new in town and have been only going to this school for a week, and the friends you made here are cool in your mind. While you were hanging out with them you guys were just joking aorund, and that joke lead to a bet. You bet them 30 dollars that you could make the most popular girl in school go out with you, and then you would dump her so she knows what it feels like. You actually end up falling for her as she also falls for you, but to your luck she ends up finding out about the bet whether you decide to tell her or not. </strike>
  2. All seems like good ideas...
  3. Thanks you, is there any you would be interested in doing?
  4. I dunno. Thought my character Allen would be a great fit (the other one i have is a spiritual being) but it's tricky trying to choose the right plot.
  5. Okay well if you decide you would like to do one then just tell me. (:
  6. I think I am interested in doing the bully one with you. Pm me and we can discuss. :)
  7. Either 1 or 2 for me.....
  8. How about two? Is that okay with you?
  9. Allright, lets roll wit it!
  10. Okay, I'll make the thread. (:
  11. Hiya, I was wondering if you have anyone for numbers 1 or 5. Please let me know. :)
  12. I do not, and I would love to do either one. Would five be okay?
  13. That would be great. Let me know when you have it setup or if needed pm me if there is anything you need to ask before hand. :)
  14. Damn, a lot of these are great ideas (personally really wanted to do the bully one but that was taken ... )

    But I have a few (if you're interested)

    Cindrella: (I love my fairy-tales) She's that evil step sister. Nope not Cinderella the ugly step sister like in the stories. Her step father had taken custody of his legitimate daughter due to the passing of his ex wife. Her own mother is willingly to make her new step sisters life hell. And her new step sister takes it all on her. Just because she had a pretty never meant she was nice. After all, pretty people got what they wanted didn't they? So when the two set eyes on one boy, it's all down to ripping and shredding!

    Ugly Duckling (... yep another book, this coincides to the bully theme, I desperately want to do this the one most) She was that fat girl in the back of the room. Everyone called her names, making fun of her stupidity. She simply endured it all. She became friends with a boy, a popular one in fact. She trusted him and he betrayed her. In front of all their classmates he bullied her like the rest. But in private he was different. She hated to admit it but she sort of loved him. But things got far and she nearly killed herself. With her worried parents, she moved away. Vowing to return and it's been 5 years later ... and now she's 17, different and a whole lot Skinner smarter and ready to kick some of ass.

    Once upon a Nightmare - When you put two sadistic people together it's never good. She's a demanding and crazy, her goal, striving to be number one in the school. The new boy on the other hand is just as equally smart, athletic, artistically inclined and rich. They're the perfect match for each other. Except for one thing, they'll go heads to heads against each other just to be number one in the school. Perfection vs Perfection = Disaster.

    I prefer the bully one first (lots of drama) , the once upon a nightmare second (it's mostly comedy lol) and cinderella last (drama but complicated love triangles... ehhh).

    Feel free to message me if you're interested :D
  15. Intrested in 1 3 and 5
  16. Would three be okay?
  17. hmm yeah we can do 3