New medieval based plot idea.. Partner needed!

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  1. Okay so a friend and I where brain storming about some unique plot ideas and we came up with this writing sample..

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Oi, They’ll be fine. Calm down, will you?” Clarice said, her voice dragging out in a long exaggerated way, as if she had said it a million times before. Which, She probably had reached a number somewhere close to it. “How can you be so sure?” Nine’s voice sounded, followed by his footsteps as he continued to pace. “Because I know them, Nine. And so do you. You really think they aren't capable of breaking into a measly-” As if exactly on cue the door to their tiny little shack was bust open. Two men dressed as guards barged through with a struggling figure. “Eight, Two. Who the hell is that?!” Nine asked, his voice hoarse with anger. Clarice shut the door behind them as they finally brought the figure to his knees in front of the chair she was sitting in just previously. “We couldn't find Twelve anywhere, So we got the next best thing.” announced Eight, and without even waiting for a drum-roll he yanked back the figure’s hair to reveal his face. Clarice and Nine’s eyes grew wide. Nine, of course, was the first to blow up. “The prince?! You kidnapped the prince?! Are you mad?! The King will have our heads on pikes for sure!” Two , who had oddly been quite before, finally spoke up. “Ay! Hear us out, alright?” The four of them sat there in a stale silence, the only thing to be heard was the panting of the captor through the rag that was wrapped around his mouth. “We can use him as an exchange. They’ll do anything to get him back. He’s the only other heir to the throne. We’ll exchange him back for twelve.” [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Basically what's happening here is that my character, Clarice, is a part of an organization, (I'm leaning toward the idea of a group of assassins? I haven't decided.) and one of the members has been caught and thrown into the dungeon and is most likely sentenced to death. Since the numbers are already dwindling to nothing, they begin to devise the plan above to free the other member. As stated, a couple of the other members fail to follow the original plan and bring back the Prince of the kingdom instead. they plan to hold him ransom until they get their other member back unharmed.[/BCOLOR]

    That's all I have so far.. Private message me for further details on the plot, my expectations in a partner, or if you just simply want to continue! Thanks for the read and have a nice day! :)

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