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  1. Hello All

    It is I Inky Drew. Some of you might have known me as "Joey" or "Inky Joey" in another life. I have since moved on from using both those names. I have kept the Inky part just because it helps people remember me. My name is Drew. I changed 100% since I’ve joined Iwaku. I’m much happier now and feel I am the person that I have long wished to be. Its NOT just a screen name. Its NOT just an rp name. Its my name. Its who I am. I didnt want to try and make some cute screen name or flashy trendy thing. Its not me. Never was. Im just Drew.

    I am Andrew "Drew" Torres.

    Please call me Drew. I’ll be dropping the Inky part shortly. I might leave it just for memory sake or not. I’m not sure yet.

    I’m going through a lot of changes right now and having all your love and support right now would mean the world to me. I’m back home. Here to Iwaku and hope to be more active. I’m also hoping to get a new job. Even with that I will make time for my Iwaku family. So there it is. An update. :) Cheers.
  2. Well Drew,
    Welcome home and I hope everything goes well for you regarding a job!

    You have Juku's love..
  3. Thanks Juku that means the world to me. *hugs and gives ice cream*
  4. YAY DREW! 8D
  5. YYay! ^.^

    I dunno what else to say.
  6. Hello Drew! Don't think we have meet before so I am Doxa! If you have any questions please ask!
  7. Hey Drew! It's good to see you back. It seems we've both went through some changes since AFTA.

    *hugs* Glad to have you around again. <3
  8. :) Hi Trib. Its good to know who we are. I like your pic with the books. My partner is under a book right this moment. A novel a day. Can you believe it.
  9. A novel a day sounds like madness if you ask me. Of course this coming from the guy who hasn't read a full book since the last time he was on a plane. I just can't seem to sit still long enough to read, I feel like my brain is trying to have a melt down. I used to go through a novel in two days and sometimes I can read one in a night if I'm interested in staying up a little late... Nothing has been catching my attention. Kehv says I'm being too picky and not giving some books the chance but when it comes down to it... I just don't want to read what I don't want to read. Does that make sense?

    I'm feeling chattery today apparently...

    Hope to see you around though!