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  1. March 31st. Let's make some forum history.

    Brought to you by @Tegan and @Asmodeus

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  2. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!
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  3. SooooOOOoooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! (O,O)
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  4. You may all now commence to

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  5. Well... New plans for the next month or so.
    1. I will not, under any circumstances, urges, dares, bets, commands, requests, or Mortal Commandment get involved in this.
    2. I will, under all circumstances, urges, dares, bets, commands, requests, and Mortal Commandment's read each, and every single word that is to come from this.
    3. I will slowly erode into an empty shell, as this will likely take complete control of my mind.
    4. Plan 1 fails terribly.
    5. Plan 2 is somehow followed through.
    6. Plan 3 is condemned true, and I will once again become insane to those of my family.
    7. All plans above are in fact, a trick of the United Ferret Division of Peace and Justice, (UFDPJ) and will be used as a distraction to dominate all of the known world.
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  6. Oh, yes!
    DO count me in, Asmodeus!

    I shall see that I do better this month~!
    As aforementioned, I must:
    1. Show that I (AND EVERYONE ELSE) Has the potential to bleed awesomeness!
    2. Forever remember this moment I wrote with passion and cried of joy.
    3. Shed tears of joy for your incredible work.
    4. Forever thank and stay with the Iwaku, and all the other reputable communities.
    5. Stay committed!

    Is there something missing, my dears?

    Oh, dear; wait...

    I might be spotty due to National Honors Society, but if all else fails, I will forever sail your boat. That's the good part of staying with your productions. I come in sacrifice of my truckload of AP work!

    PS: Did you make that awesome music yourself?
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  7. I am already in this and that got me pumped.
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  8. Dearest apologies, everyone.
    I couldn't be part of this awesome, tear-inducing adventure due to my Advanced Placement classes and financial problems in the family. Fortunately, I will look into this when my schedule clears.

    And of course; call me Terilyn.
    That's my real name, anyway.
  9. Calm down, dear.

    It's a commercial.
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  10. This looks amazing o.o
  11. Oh....

  12. Yes, that's a song I wrote and recorded for this roleplay.
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  13. You're so awesome, Asmodeus.
    I feel like I'm talking to a celebrity!

    And now, Iwaku's my new home.
  14. I read "NEW MASS ROLEPLAY."

    And I swear to high heaven that we were going to do a roleplay about a Catholic Mass. I AM NOT KIDDING. That's the only reason I clicked this.
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  15. So in... just would love more info.
  17. Hmm...
    How long did it take you guys to launch and plan this game?
  18. ZDZISLAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  19. Another teaser...


    You will have 3 nations to choose from.

    The Green Realm
    The Blue Republic
    The Red Empire

    *returns to the workshop and locks the soundproof door*
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  20. Well.. colour me hype.
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