New Markham: A Future Slum

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  1. On the corner of 3rd Street and Main Street, a small convenience store is seen, where people who have the smallest amount of cash could maybe get a bag of chips. It was created by the Omega Corporation to relieve the damage they've done to the world, by putting stores in the poorer neighborhoods. The store has bars around the window, bulletproof glass around the checkout, and a young man standing outside. He has blonde hair, casual clothing, and a metallic body.

    He is the security guard for the store. His name is Genos, and had to take a job with the Omega Corporation to support his human family, even though he really did not want to. He sees a guy with a suspicious bag, as he can tell with his X-ray vision, and stops the guy. "As per Markham law section 27, you are under arrest for attacking the Omega Corporation government." Genos says as he starts to take the person down the road to a re-education center to re-program the person, to be for the expansion of the Corporation.