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Hiya! Well I've role-played before, only a few times. When I did though it was never on a site like this, which is scary. I'm admitting that I'm so intimidated right now... I'm not sure where to start. Help? Please don't let me just die alone. *puppy face* Anyway... I'd love to talk to anybody who's willing to respond to me. Who doesn't like making new friends, right? ^_^
You have come to the right place, Tari! Most everyone here is friendly and will befriend you quickly. I used to be in your shoes, intimidated by the site; it has eased off now, so no worries! ^.^
If you need help roleplaying then you can sign up for a mentor here . A mentor can advise you on how to do things and will roleplay with you if that is something you want.
I'm Celest! feel free to message me if you need something or just want to chat.
Thank you soooo much! :) I was worried nobody would reply...
A good majority of people normally reply. More will probably reply later on, if not tomorrow. ^.^ Do not fret.
Hallo Duta! >D Welcome to the community!
Greetings DuTari! Welcome to the site. ^^

I'm Hiro and this post about about an hour late (forgive me!). I know how intimidating joining such a large board can be, especially when you don't know anyone yet. I was pleasantly surprised when the community welcomed me so kindly. I had almost forgotten how not all groups of people act like those on MMOs or game forums when online. I didn't want to tackle such a large place on my own and had to bring someone in with me so I had a friend right off the bat. XD

As Celest told you, just about everyone here is very nice. You'll be sure to make plenty of friends soon! I hope to see you around some time.
Residential overlord coming to check up on our fresh vic.... i mean members. Its a pleasure to meet you. If you need any help getting around feel free to ask, ill be happy to help... for a fee.
Regional overlord? I don't remember agreeing to that....In fact, that's Iliana's job!

Errr. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome DuTari! I am also intimidated by roleplaying, but I've been an accepted member of the community for... let's say a while. So! Do not fret! There are people here who will guide you, and get you started on the path to funtimes! I'm friendly, just not a good roleplayer, so I'll let someone more knowledgeable with that give you more direction - Like Celest or one of the staff members who might come welcome you as well!
>:D I AM THE REGIONAL OVERL---....*ahem* Iliana the sweet and kind Goddess! ^^ It's nice to meet you DuTari!

Welcome to the forum! If you're not too too TOO used to role plays, don't worry! The members of Iwaku will help you out along the way! We're friendly and none of us bite (except Vay) so get comfortable!

If you need any help in finding partners, role plays, or navigating around the forums, Iliana will be glad to oblige! :D
Psh learn to read people. I said residential nothing about Regional... but now that you mention it....
Diana- I LOVE your avatar. That is such a good movie. Thank you so much for the kind welcome! :giddy:
Hirohashi- Thank you so much. You know, this place isn't so scary anymore thanks to the people like you who have come to rescue little old me. ^_^
Leo- lol thanks!
Elyd- I'm not sure how great of a role-player I am. I'm willing to learn though, so that's a start. Thank you for dropping in to say hi, that means a lot to me.
Iliana- I'm not exactly sure what being a partner would mean on here. Explain por favor?? If you don't mind that is. Should I fear this Vay person? I don't like getting bitten...
Laharlsama- Nice to meet you too, thank you for the welcome. Scared though, as to what these 'fees' are. o.0
The fee you must pay is that you must promise to be a good member of iwaku and do your best!

*cue maniacal laughter*

Wait a second... this deal doesn't benefit me at all.... damn lawyers.
*laughs* Well, I'm happy with the deals at least. Although next time maybe you should get better lawyers. Or do it yourself, you know. Go mob boss protection kind of thing.

I'm Selenite, as you can see. I'd mention something nobody else did here in this thread, and add, that if you have questions or would like to meet the Iwaku people better, and become sillier, you can always join us at the CBox. See the green bar at the top of the page? Well, the Cbox is the first option in the drop-down menu in under 'Chatbox'.

Also, if you ask me to explain something por favor, I'll answer you in spanish, which is my native language.

Vay is still awesome despite his powerbite. In fact, that is what makes him awesome.
This is not belated in the slightest.
>> <<

Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you.
I assume that you've taken a look around and all that, but if you need any help finding anything, please do ask.
And don't let Diana eat all your cookies. :[ She will, mark my words.
Dutari! I'm October, I got your back..So don't be scared anymore! And if you need anything, just ask Kitti. She is very helpful and much smarter than me : )
*Drops a belated payload of star-shaped cookies all over the thread*

Though most of them are for you, Dutari!

Welcome to Iwaku!
Cookies!!! *scoops them and hunches over the protectively* Thank you Kitti for warning me. *Looks around for any threat to fabulous cookies* Everybody is so nice! Thank you all for offering to help, even you October. I'll ask Kitti.