New Looney Tunes Series

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    New computer 3D series comes out in May. And at this point I just feel sorry for the Coyote. Poor bastard.
  2. If Roadrunner gets a feisty female sidekick, I'm nuking the Whitehouse.
  3. I am surprisingly okay with this.
  4. Despite my patriotism, I agree with this post.

    Contrary to Grumpy, I'm NOT ok with this. Your mileage may vary, but to me Looney Toons sucked then. It sucks now.

    I hate everyone T_T
  5. It's just not as good without the racism. :(
  6. Note: During this scene, after he gets hit by the Gas truck, he'd be dead instantly, if not from the impact, the H2S gas that was excreted when he opened the top hatch.
  7. lol. I know you wanted to point that out, but, lol.

    Anyway, this looks very good. I'd never expect a 3D cartoon series to look THIS good.
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  9. Wasn't arguing then, just stating facts, sir. Because it would have been funny to me.
  10. I LOLed. I didn't expect to, but I did. Might have to give these shorts a shot.
  11. I dunno. Let's see where this can go without the racism.