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  1. Dying Light

    A new day begins as the sun rises over the horizon, it's rays invading the darkness and replacing it with the light that the survivors welcome once again. With the nightmarish creatures gone the humans and anthromorphic animals have another day of scavenging and surviving the contained hell known as Harran. You have survived another night, but another one will come.

    At the tower the roof is where some runners of the tower go to get away from the community and get a form of isolation. It was their home if they preferred the silent winds and did not mind the unpredictable weather with couches welcoming their return under the shelter of a tied down tarp. Next to the doorway leading back downstairs there a board with a variety of tasks is set up for the survivors to take on. Currently there is nothing due to the fact it is the morning.

    At the makeshift home Dmitir stood close to the edge of the roof, arms crossed as he peered out towards the horizon where the sun begins it's invasion. Everything else around him was rather quiet for people were either trying to get more sleep or were already waiting for more jobs to be posted on the board. All that can be done for now was wait.

    ((To those not at the tower just throw in where your character begins and I'll set something up for you. Don't forget to tag me in your post if you want a GM post.))


    The inside of the cargo plane was rather cramped up despite being a big and spacious aircraft vehicle. With GRE drops, crewmembers, and equipment organized in a fashion that was for quick deployment, the operatives had a small open spot where the gather before a board which had a series of photos and the map of Harran. Standing beside the board was Dienard, the wolf combat fatigues that currently waits for the operatives to approach for the briefing.

  2. It wasn't quite time yet for Nadire to catch some much beloved shut-eye as the morning sun began to give the she-bat a headache. The tower was in sight and with her bag full she knew getting back wouldn't be as easy with the biters able to see her clearly now. The thought of a dark room drove forward her clawed bare feet across the rooftops, hopping from one to another along the row of shops.

    Down below on the ground biters gurgled, hissed, and bellowed up at the flashes of movement between narrow alleys. A sprinter screamed and tried to give chase. Hardly worth the worry given the volatiles that were more often dealt with. Somewhere in the distance there was a soft fleshy thump with a red mist.

    She cringed hard at the sound as ears swiveled to face its direction, narrowing the near exact area by instinct alone. For the people in the area she hoped it had simply grown angry and detonated early of its own accord. There was no time to be curios and find out, the last stretch of her run to the tower was on flat open ground..

    There was a little hesitation. Always was. A sprinter could crawl from beneath something and take off after her at any moment.

    Luck was on her side as wings were clutched close to avoid getting caught on the traps through the buildings entrance. Greeted by raised guns at the clamor she didn't pay them much mind as one raised a radio.

    "Bat's back."
  3. KANSAS Rush

    In the northwest of Urban Harran

    Morning had finally arrived. Dawn meant Kansas and her runners had to be on their feet. The night guards turned in and the day guards woke up for their shift. As always, Kansas met her runners in the main area. Being the head runner, she had to brief her two subordinates on their duties. By the exit they had two maps - one for the runners, and another for the group. The runner map had scrawling all over it, crossing out any and all buildings they had picked clean. Kansas made sure they kept it up to date so they wouldn't waste any time rechecking buildings. An Arab man caught her before either of her subordinates did.

    "Where are you going today, babe? You gonna play it safe?"
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    "Relatively, sweetheart. There's a reason I'm the head runner - I can handle a bit more than them."

    "You're no good to anybody dead, and I would be positively morose. Don't get hurt. Don't die. Stay safe."

    "I can handle myself. But, for you, I'll try not to die. Aside from the fact that dying sucks. I don't want to be one of those terrors."

    "And I don't want to be the one to kill you."

    "Nor I you, my love."

    With a smile and a kiss, he parted ways with her and attended his duties as guard. Kansas sighed and gathered her squad.

    "Alaska, you'll be surveying this area to the south. Cali, you'll take the east. I'll be surveying the area on the outside and down the middle. Be back by six. I'll be back by eight. I'll be asking the guards for your time of return, so if you mess up, expect a demerit.

    "Remember, stick to the rooftops and keep your weaps on hand. Guns are for emergency use only. If you see humans, get them on gunpoint and question them. If they attack, open fire. If it gets dangerous, run and update the map when you get back. If they comply, make sure they're not hostile. If they are, use your zipties. If not, give them our location. Notify the guard when you meet people so they know to stay on their toes. Same stuff, different day. You know the drill. Move out!"

    Lieutenant LAZARUS Thompson

    Paratrooper experience paid off in the GRE. Of ccourse, being sent to assassinate a terrorist and recover important data made things complicated - but that was the mission. He'd get in and get right back out if he did it right. God bless that he got dropped with a hatchet. The pike on the back helped him climb since he wasn't too adept at that - but what are you gonna do? Adapt. That's all you can do. So you adaalpt or die. Sink or swim. Kill or be killed. A combat veteran like him would have no trouble, but who knows what can go wrong during a mission...

    Time to drop was close at hand. Hatchet on his hip, pistol in its holster, and rifle in his arms. PDWs were useful in that they were compact, accurate, and versatile. Good for a paratrooper - pull your cords without putting it up. Touchdown and go.
  4. Joseph was lounging in the cargo plane making shooting gestures with his hand. He sat and spoke away from all the others on that ship, he was just waiting to go down there, do some jobs, bash some heads, and get the whole thing over with. You know, go on with yet another mission. He could care less what the mission was, just another something for him, he already lost so much from these missions to the point where they're all just a joke to him.

    He went over to the room for debriefing, crossed his arms, and hung out in the corner, awaiting for what the other wolf had to say on the situation, hopefully it was something cheerful and breezy, he never seen Harran before, maybe it would be a walk in the park!
  5. Aegis sat on the long bench towards the back of the cargo plane scanning over the contents inside the belly of the large beast. While he didn't quite have room to lay down and make himself comfortable the seat was better than nothing, and he knew what it was like to having nothing to sit down on. And during his time working with joint forces he didn't have a lot of time to take a breather or enjoy a five star hotel, but he did his job without complaint and followed his orders. And it was no different with the GRE, even after his retirement he was still following orders. Hell they never even gave him a rank, perhaps he was still a Sargent, or perhaps they ranked him as a rookie due to him minimal ties. Either way it seemed they found him an essential asset to this mission, that or maybe following orders was so engraved into his mindset that he couldn't turn down an offer to be a number. Whatever got him here, it clearly worked because here he was. In the back of a large bellied plane stuff with supplies and soldiers.

    After a moment he finally broke out of his thoughts and grabbed his shotgun revolver. He pulled the cylinder out and loaded one shell at a time until it was fully loaded before pushing the cylinder back in. He took a deep breath before standing up and holstering the weapon and securing the boxes of shells. He took another look over his gear to ensure nothing would slip out in the drop. Once he passed his own inspection he did a quick stretch before heading to the briefing area.
  6. ~Pssp!~

    The long slender weapon kicked back against her shoulder as the end exhaled lead at speeds beyond the ability of her eyes to see, a moment passing before it buried itself into the shoulder of an infected that wandered lazily about a rooftop, the shot causing it to spin and lose it's footing. The walking corpse fell before landing on a car bellow that began to echo an alarm that drew the attention of the other infected around it. "Two hundred meters, Coriolis effect minimal but accounted for" she mumbled to herself as she looked down to her right, scribbling annotations onto a note pad she had beside her.

    The fox was concealed beneath a tarp that protected her from the heat as well as providing cover for her against other runners and infected. She was up high in one of the many tall towers that broke the skyline of Harran, and while they were bothersome to climb considering the weight of her weapon and other equipment, it was also a safer location compared to most. Perhaps if one looked hard enough they would see the sun glinting off the scope of her rifle, assuming she was looking in the right direction, but there was little she could do about that especially given she wasn't a trained sharp shooter, having learned herself based upon what little she was shown as a child.

    Azra Leah looked to her wrist at a watch, checking the time to see how much time she had before she'd either need to hunker down or head back to the tower. She had a couple portable UV lights she could place about if she had too, but they would only last the night and she wasn't fond of wasting them when she didn't have to. With a small exhale she went back to scanning the horizon, seeing if she could find a point of interest or something she would need to radio back to the tower.
  7. Cecilia

    Tucked behind a stack of many, many crates stood an otter, enjoying what would probably be her last smoke before the mission: something to calm her nerves before wading down in the middle of something she was -not- equipped to handle, cleverly disguised as a cigarette. There'd been a call for the pre-drop briefing, and at that point the otter-woman quenched her smoke, stuffing the last bit away for an emergency. Once she was ready, Ms. Freiyalise began her approach to the briefing area with two packs loaded to the brim with tools, gadgets and what not.

    Most likely, her role in this would be as support, building up choke points and scouting for defensive positions when not doing actual electrical work: a niche job, but apparently one important enough that somebody with little in the way of CQC training was being brought in. She'd have to learn quickly.

    Some Other Person

    Meanwhile, at the tower, some human-looking person was sleeping in what was probably the worst place to be: outside, on the roof, where it was probably going to start raining at some point. Truth be told the person there had been through that rude awakening a few times, but last night seemed to be a less eventful one, especially after he fell asleep. Something about it just didn't feel right, and so around midnight he'd curled up on the sofa, only slightly annoyed with the smell and the 'squish' that made sitting down on these sofas unpleasant. When the sun rose, the human grumbled to himself and reached around for his bag. He wasn't completely awake: only aware enough of his surroundings to know that his bow and supplies were still right where he left them.

    Slowly the human sat up, shaking his head when he realized he wasn't going to get any more sleep for a while. It didn't even register to him that somebody else was on the roof with him. For several minutes he just sat there, vacantly staring about while his vision cleared to a point he was comfortable with, before finally slipping his rucksack on and slinging his bow on top.

    "Hell... need to find some sunglasses," he mutters to himself while looking at the door.
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  8. ((Like I said if anyone want's a GM world post just tag me ^^))


    Dienarde was still and silent as the area began to populate with the operatives. Like any disciplined specialist though it was evident that he was only displaying that control and discipline he had been trained with. There was little to no sign of fear in his expression, but that didn't make him an exception when it came to worrying about not coming back. With minutes passing the anthro began to speak, starting off strong and loud to gain everyone's attention. "Good morning ladies and gentlemen, as you know we have been selected to deal with something that could determine the fate of many lives." He said, pausing for a second before snatching up a marker from a cup glued to the board so to begin the actual briefing. "Everyone here is aware of the situation in Harran, but our priority at this time is to recover a very sensitive file that your target carries. Our target..." The wolf trailed off for a split second then pointed to a photo of a man on the board. "Kadir Suleiman uses this information to 'barter' with the GRE. While accomplices are unknown, it is known that he does lead one of the two main factions of the city. As a response to this threat the GRE has established a city-wide communication jam. Each of you have or will be issued a radio which has the capability of breaking through the jam. Do not loose it. It is your life line and your only way to bypass the jam." There was another pause, then the specialist pointed to the map. "Entry plan: we will be jumping at about five thousand meters up. You know how your parachute functions... God willing, that is, I hope nobody dies in the first hour of operation, by the way. We will attempt to rally up and possibly establish an operation center. I uhhh... Requested the flare gun like some of you asked, but our generous commanding officers or employers have decided against that call. How will we will rally we'll have to find out ourselves. Then we will go from there. If you do not link up with the team, assume you are the only operative to survive the jump, and carry on with the mission. You will not be evacuated until your job is done. Any questions?"



    A smirk surfaced on the fox's face when he heard the human wake up and speak, his vulpine-like ears twitching a few times before he shifted his gaze to the man looking over at the door. "Perhaps you'll get a pair if you do a run today. How about it? Wouldn't want someone saying you didn't work now would we?" The anthro commented, a chuckle escaping him as he turned away from the edge and approached the job board. "No jobs yet.. Perhaps just scavenging will be the thing to do today." With those words he began stretching every part of his body; his arms, his legs, even his tail, before topping it off with a few popping noises by twisting his neck to it's limit.
  9. Joseph watched the crowd of other operatives come strolling in, as he was backed up and leaning in the corner of the room, looking and listening here and there to the briefing of the operation, this one is get a very sensitive file from a bad guy in a monster-infested area, seems simple enough, but very very strange. One would think that what somebody would be doing in a monster-infested area would be busy surviving, and not being a jerk to the GRE, but hey, it makes things all-the-more interesting, so a strange question shot up from the corner coming from the one-eyed dog in the back; "Yeah, just a weird question many survivors do you think there are in Harran? Are there as many of them as there are monsters? and are they gonna be threatin' us?"
  10. Aegis stood silent with his arms crossed until he slightly glanced back to the source of the voice. It probably wasn't in his place to answer any questions given his rank wasn't reinstated with the GRE. But given his experience he was far from a civilian. "It depends on what you think a monster truly is. I've seen enough in the field to know any 'normal' individual is as much a monster as what those things are. Hell I'm as much a monster as those I've had to kill, so I doubt those numbers will be anywhere close to even. My only question is if we capture a hostile, how far can we go with interrogation for information on where this file might be?" He said looking back towards the lead Operative.
  11. Cecilia

    The mission seemed simple enough at a glance, at least by urban infiltration standards: find the leader of a scavenger faction and 'send him a message,' as it were. Definitely not Cecilia's strong point, and perhaps a bit counterproductive to send a group in if the goal was to not arouse suspicion, but it explained why the order came in to dress casual and somewhat messy: it's easier to fit in with the locals that way. and being armed to the teeth wouldn't detract from that.

    The rest was just standard procedure: ammunition, supplies, extra firepower and informants were to be procured on-site. Cecilia could handle that, probably. The pale look on her face was mostly just her being nervous about parachuting in, because heights weren't her natural environment. "So this is effectively a solo operation in the worst case scenario," the otter acknowledges, "and an interrogation and a recovery at that, and failure means we're stranded. And if comm lines are jammed, then it's only a matter of days until somebody gets antsy and detonates the entire city. And civilians are only going to see us for the supplies we're carrying and thus will try to ambush. Good stuff to know."

    She taps her chin with a fingertip afterward, grumbling at the mention of evacuation. At any moment the city could go up in flames, so it wasn't as though she was eager to leave any holes open in the briefing. "Did they at least specify an extraction point or method, or are they only planning to inform us when it's time?" Cecilia already knew the drill: once she landed, she wouldn't be mentioning the GRE to anyone. Better to blend in and act natural, lest she make a big target of herself.


    The human blinks a bit when he hears a familiar voice, and quickly turns to face the vulpine he somehow missed. For the most part he just quietly stretches his legs about, but from the look on his face it's easy to determine that he's not completely awake. "A run," he muses with a chuckle, "I'm seldom here as it is, so who would bother starting gossip?" Of course, maybe people did have a reason not to like him: having somebody in the tower that occasionally brings back an extra mouth to feed while he's out patching up almost-corpses, when supplies are limited at best, would agitate the more survival-minded of residents.

    Naturally, he follows Dmitir to the sign, if only to confirm the lack of requests before preparing to head out. "How long've you been up here, anyway? It's early, and.." He trails off, fitting his axe onto the rucksack and picking his sledge up. "...and, I should probably get going. Do you need any food, while I'm here?"
  12. Lieutenant LAZARUS Thompson

    Jumping in was Lazarus' strong suit. He'd have no problems, being a former Paratrooper himself before the GRE.

    "Naturally, we don't want to kill innocents. If we find civilians, we can't just open fire. If whistles get blown, we get blamed. So aside from the moral implications, it's in your best interest to maintain a flexible response."

    Deployment in the Middle East made that apparent. He'd seen soldiers open fire on families - out of both cruelty and paranoia - and get sent back home in chains. The GRE would likely only be different in that you'd go home in chains after the mission was completed.

    "Make sure your chutes are set right. Anyone want me to check theirs? Hate to see anyone go splat out there."
  13. Six bags of good flour. A bag of sugar that didn't have ants in it. A box of nails, even a hammer. Saw blade. Some bottles of peroxide and alcohol.

    A damned good run for being out most of the night in abject terror. The quartermaster didn't pay the native bat much other mind as he sorted her haul through the sack dropped so unceremoniously on his table. "Looks good. Here ya' go.." With the disdain he eyed her with Nadire didn't feel comfortable taking the pile of folded money from him.

    Whatever. It had earned her a filled canteen of water for her efforts and money to buy food from whoever was selling it that day in particular. All that flour she brought would mean plenty of bread for the tower at least. Personally she really missed fresh fruits, the orchards on the outskirts long since burned or infested.

    Next stop: the roof to listen for any drops coming in. Sleep would wait for a little longer. Her shared room with its thick curtains to cut out the daylight would remain empty for a few more hours while she spent it on the rooftop with ears to the west, ready to glide towards a box and be the first to nab it.
  14. Survivor

    The young fox didn't have much more to comment about as he gave the man the quiet he probably wanted. Once he was up and beside him looking at the board the runner listened to the man's questions, his tail doing a couple prideful swishes left to right. "Me? Oh I've been up since the crack o' dawn! Gotta keep a strict sleep schedule if you wanna be alert and on edge... Or not." That statement made him think for a minute, did sleeping in do anything positive other than feel good and crappy at the same time? The thought was brushed aside and the fox cleared his throat to continue speaking. "Perhaps not for me. I for one am going to swing by the eastern side of this Favela the rich folk gifted to us before hell broke loose." With that Dmitir was about to turn and head towards the doorway, but then he stopped, his gaze shifting to the other guy as he changed course and returned to the edge to peer down at the bottom floor, one hell of a drop. "You got anything else to do? IF not I could always use some help. Who knows? Maybe a drop might come my way and I sure am not in the mood to take a beating from Rais' thugs alone." Once he finished again and listened, something could be heard interrupting the typical whistle of the wind; a faint rumble or hum in the distance that was familiar to many survivors. Speaking of the devil...


    When each question came up the specialist did his best to try and answer them based on what he knew. Unfortunately some of the questions even he didn't have a straight answer to give to them. "I.. Don't know how to answer that first question. We know there are survivors trapped in Harran, but we do not know how many. With no government and no order it's pretty much every man for himself out there, and that can bring a mentality that is not... Friendly to most people. On the interrogation note I would not suggest anything too out of line. IF they find out who you are and you do some questionable things it doesn't present a good image for the rest of us, and that can lead to some bad repercussions. Like our friend has pointed out; we do not want to kill innocent civilians on this run." He tried to stop there, but he could feel the question about extraction bearing down on him. With the jump inching closer each second the wolf didn't have much time to explain too much on the topic, all he gave was a heavy sigh followed by a "I don't know. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Get your stuff packed up and get your harness on ladies and gentlemen."
  15. A Survivor

    That fox could be the most perfect example of why diurnal people are the most frightening thing the human has ever encountered, to date. It wasn't just the upbeat, chipper personality before the sun had even reached high noon, or the silly theatrics involved in explaining what he was up to, but to be fair, those alone wouldn't compare to what lie downstairs. Covering up a yawn, the human shakes his head about to speed up his 'waking' phase, and soon enough he's asked if there's something specific he was planning to do today. Without a second thought, he accepts the invitation.

    "Might be nice to get the jump on them for a change," he admits while donning his climbing gloves. For a brief moment the two make eye contact, and immediately afterward, when Dmitir veers away from the door and back to the edge of the building, the human suddenly realizes just what he's gotten himself into. A nervous chuckle escapes him as he fits his sledge onto the pack as well, walking right up to the edge and peering over, down at the ground. A more sane person might ask what the fox must be thinking right now, acting like he's going to take the short-cut down, but there was enough talk around The Tower for regulars to know that this was just what Dmitir does. A better question would be whether he was showing off, but that faint hum in the distance might as well have been a signal.

    "Very well then. So, you take the lead and I'll provide cover?" The long-haired human glances over at his vulpine accomplice, smirking a bit. "Or should we do this the other way around?"

    Just two crazies on a warm monday morning~


    The otter, by contrast, just quietly soaks in what she can of the briefing that should have probably taken place long before takeoff. Of course, now she knew precisely why the briefing had to take place now: some of the really important questions were going to go unanswered, and the nature of such questions would be enough to send any of the smarter units back out the door. To keep things frank: once you go in, you aren't coming out until the job is done, and unlike any situation where Bartertown rules might apply, the outside world would know. Either the public would come forward with stories after the fact, or Harran would be wiped off the map. But, complaining wouldn't get anybody anywhere.

    "Right, let's get going then," Cecilia states before grabbing her chute and gear, grumbling when she realizes she should have packed more smokes for this mission.
  16. Joseph listened to the answer, and the man who asked him what a monster is, an interesting thought, to say the least, people are monsters too, to which he answered to the other GRE soldier, "Well determining a monster is easy, if they're not affected that yer pointing a gun at them, then they're monsters. I mean, you would be in th' least surprised if all of a sudden I throw my gun in yer direction, would you not?"

    He put his equipment on, grabbed a chute, and left the room to get ready for the mission.

    Hopefully, he would land with nobody, being the loner he is.
  17. Aegis closed his eyes and slightly shook his head at the comment. "Wouldn't be the first time. Doubt it will be the last either." He said lowly as he gathered his gear and slipped on his chute. Having wings meant he could better control his landing, so long as he didn't spread them during the initial descent. But he didn't think about it much for the time being. He went back to the hold to prepare for the jump. He took a deep breath knowing this wouldn't be the standard field work he was used to. He just had to make sure could watch his own back, and possibly those of his 'teammates'.
  18. Survivor

    Dmitir didn't respond immediately to the human, his eyes seeming to go over the landscape before them until an uneasy minute passed before the fox turned to face the man once again, the look of determination in them despite the dangers they were about to tackle head on. "If I took the lead we'd be jumping down into the dumpster right about now praying there isn't anything hard in there." The fox said, a laugh escaping him as he placed a hand on the man's shoulder. "You take the lead boss, just make sure we get to a safezone before sundown."


    While the group prepared the crew was occupied with the task at hand, the back ramp of the cargo plane lowering itself as one of the daring airmen peered over the edge with a firm grip on a nearby handle so to give input to the pilot. Soon everything was in order and the ravaged city was below them, beckoning the operatives to enter the hell in store for them. "Everything is in order! You gotta jump now ladies and gentlemen!" The crewman on the ramp said, his free hand waving to them as if it would help influence them to jump.

    "Alright, I'll see you all at the bottom! Remember to avoid contact with the infected if you can!" Those were Dienarde's last words which were spoken while he was busy stuffing his patrol cap beneath his vest. It was now up to the operatives to make the leap of faith.
  19. Lieutenant LAZARUS Thompson

    After a long trip, it was finally time to touch down. Full of excitement and eagerness, the veteran paratrooper took a running start out of the carrier and in a show lacking his usual professionalism, he did a flying back flip out of the back.

    The air was gracing his pelt again, and ironically for a canid, it felt great. The first thing he'd do when he touched down is try to radio the others to set up a rendezvous point. That was his plan.
  20. Joseph took in a deep sigh as he held one arm against a wall and the other dangling by the parachute waiting to leave this confined space with other operatives. He took a bit of hesitation and patience once the door swung open, waiting for the more eager people to leave before he calmly trotted his way out of the plane and diving into the city below. The wind beating up against his fur was one of the best feelings of his life. Sure it ruffles and distorts his fur once he lands, but who ever cared about appearance when you're in a warzone?

    He pulled out his parachute and landed gracefully on the rooftop of one of the buildings. Luckily, there were no Zambos around, or other operatives for that matter, which surprised him a small bit due to the fact that it's not really that hard to land together. Then again, finding something in a huge city could raise speculation as to where to start looking, changing everyone's views on where to go. The canine didn't care, he just picked a spot at random and start from there, and without help, it was a stupid and hopeless plan.

    It gave himself a quick change of mind as he now wanted to search for help from any friendly survivors...IF there were any such things.

    He brushed himself off and looked around for were to go, he started off wandering from the building, wondering if he will respect the survivors more than the operatives. There is just something about GRE operatives that just rubs him the wrong way, and even he can't put a finger on it.

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