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    A small city, mostly unknown to humans, is home to many different races. It’s very active in both night and day, and ,as discribed by it’s locals, Is a place where those who’ve always been outcasts can easily fit in. Outsider, though, have been known to call this place simply, a dump, nothing more than a city filled with people who refuse to make something of their lives, but of course those reviews were made by a human…

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  2. Tomorrow will be a new day, a different day.
    May thought that almost every night, especially nights after a major surgery or inoculation. Each time was supposed to be something to help her, to give her a chance at life. Each time when she woke up and nothing changed she struggled to prevent herself from crying.

    Today she had one of the biggest inoculations of her life, it was supposed to boost her immune system a massive worked but unfortunately that boosted immune system is also what wound up killing her that night. Her body was a unique and complex system, it had taken the fact her immune system was weak to try and pit various diseases against each other in order to keep her alive. With the massive boost her new immune system worked to make her healthy, and in the process instead caused her death.

    "Where am I?" May asked looking around. "Is...this a lucid dream?" It wasn't the hospital that was for sure. She looked down then looked around, wandering around. As she walked she yipped out as her stuffed wolf appeared, along with a cute looking kimono which she happily put on, and a letter. The letter confused her, it wished her luck in her 'new life' and how she was taken before she should be.

    When a woman came toward her and waved her hand around while asking if she knew how she got here, if she remembered her life, or if she lost her memories. "W...what? Where...where am I? What do you mean? Of course I remember my life, it was boring...pathetic..." She gave a light whine before squeaking, "Second chance at life?" She looked the woman over, and there was a light blush that appeared. "My name is May...its a stupid name, a month, the month I was born. My mother wasn't that good at names. This...This is Reia, a much nicer name. Shes a happy and lovely wolf who loves to sing and dance and play~" She held out her stuffed wolf and gave a light smile before her eyes went wide as realization set in.

    She...died? Reaper? The woman was a reaper? As in Death? Deaths name was Zoey? Death was a female? But...when...did she die? Was night? While she slept?

    Zoey would find May go limp, standing there in silence, eyes toward the ground, open, staring at nothing. She was clearly lost in her own thoughts.
    Most souls have one of two reactions, they either accept their death or fight it. Some fight by bartering, some by challenging death to a game, some gamble, some run, some actually try to fight. However here May was, standing, clearly not accepting her death but yet not seeming to wish to fight it either. She was just...stunned.
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