New Light (A Dying Light Inspired Anthro Optional RP!)

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Note: This stuff might get a few edits which will occur frequently. I will notify when I make a decision though!

Welcome to Harran a place of paradise, business, and hell. With the quarantine in effect all bridges and tunnels have been locked down, leaving survivors to find ways to survive the next day. It is no surprise people have adapted and found ways to live for the next day, but due to a communications jam that was mysteriously placed nobody has been able to get a voice or a call for help out to the outside world. Many have come together in a luxury hotel known as the tower, safe from the horrors that roam the streets and the nightmares that come out when the sun goes down. Despite that another threat rises that is more dangerous and sophisticated than some rambling corpse: other humans. With no government the worst are out to play even when the time to come together should be now. It is in our nature to be destructive though, right?

Welcome to the Dying light inspired roleplay New Light. This OOC has been scrambled together so roleplayers can begin making their character sheets. There are two types of characters that are available for you to choose from, each with their own perks and draw backs. There is the survivor: someone who has experience and is resourceful in many ways, and there is the GRE agent: someone from the outside world with the outside world being their resources. No matter what type of character you choose, you will find that everyone has a high probability of coming together in the first chapter, so your drawbacks will fortunately be made up by the skills of the other character!

Information dump

The Tower

The tower is one of the biggest safe havens for the people of Harran, it's lower floors being infested with the infected while it's upper floors hold a good chunk of the survivor population. Here all is welcome, but their numbers are considered a threat to those who want to take over what is left of the city. With enemies watching them and supplies running short, they rely heavily on the runners who are brave enough to go out and retrieve whatever they can find, but some don't make it back home safe. This is the primary safe zone for your character if you do not have one. Thankfully the elevator still is functional!

The primary Opposition

While there are zombies and monstrosities alike, there is also one enemy out there that is even more dangerous; humans with no morals. They are the primary threat to most runners out there, and there's one faction that sticks out, one that manages to take most of the air drops the GRE drops into the town. Those that oppose them usually end up badly wounded, or dead.

Safe Zones

Scattered throughout the city are smaller communities or safe zones where survivors can go. With a sturdy perimeter, and the use of UV lights, you are safe here. Keep in mind that these are the places to go to before night time, but if you are a mechanic you will be granted the ability to make improvised safe zones by locking down a building (like the ability describes) If nobody has a mechanic perk, hail on the radio and watch Dimitir do the job for ya!

With the majority of the population dead, their stuff isn't really theirs! Houses will have necessities, but keep an eye out for any special markers that might point out a hot spot a tower runner might mark for other tower runners to find! Graffiti artists are pretty helpful!

Money is still used in this broken society, so don't throw away that cash!

The Tower Quarter Master
Working for the tower's benefit? Each day you help them the quarter master will provide equipment and even weapons. Drop off GRE relief packages for a significant bonuses!

Operative Radios
Every operative will carry a radio that can breach the jamming that has been placed on the city. This is their life line and their special ability. With the radio you can request aid, but don't expect it! The GRE doesn't have a lot of resources to spare.

Air Drops

The more important source of survival equipment in the lockdown, the airdrops were designed by the GRE to provide survivors with the necessities needed to stay alive. Unfortunately there are some bad effects. Now humans fight over the drops, and tower runners usually find it difficult to get to them without getting into an unintended conflict with other desperate survivors.

Without further ado, I present some rules!
1. Respect all other players and their character (in-character disrespect is allowed, but remember the in-character consequences that might surface.
2. No god modding, the GM will give you a lot of chances but remember your character is not the biggest baddest killer in town! Nobody is
3. As the GM I will reserve the right of changing the roleplay policies and having the final say in things
4. Feel free to give me your ideas if you wish! Send me PMs though so no spoilers are in the open.
5. Keep an eye on your post rate, speed is not critical!
6. Any issues / delays? Let the GM know! I will make role call runs every 7 days to ensure you're still active.
7. 2 character limit in this roleplay!

Done reading? Time for some CSs and the equipment system​
This system will help avoid people carrying an arsenal of equipment...

With this system you will be given a set amount of points depending on what your character type is. You can assign these points to have a weapon or some ammo or etc. This is an experiment of mine and I hope it will come out good... Oh and keep in mind you WILL find gear as the roleplay progresses.

Your weapons will be reviewed based on magazine capacity, and caliber.

Survivors have 10 points while GRE operatives have 15 (Survivors make up for it with their skills)

Military Grade Weapons: 5 Points
PDWs or SMGs: 4 Points
Bolt Action Rifles or Shotguns: 3 points
Handguns: 2 Points
Melee Weapons: 1 point

With weapons comes ammo and this is the list for ammunition.

1 Military Grade Weapons: 3 points
1 PDW or SMG magazine: 2 points
1 box of shotgun / bolt-action rifle rounds: 2 points
1 handgun magazine: 1 point
Talents (While your character has skills these talents will help your survival for the better. These are more survival oriented skills):

Military Training (Operatives get this automatically) - You know how to adapt and respond quickly because of your training with weapons and tactics from your respective branch.

Briefed and Noted (Survivors get this automatically) - You know what is out there and what is needed to be done in order to stay alive. With that you know most of the threats that stand before you in this quarantine and what to do. Your knowledge is vital for your survival.

Unarmed Combat - You don't need a gun or a weapon in order to hold your own against a couple monsters, improving your chances of survival if unarmed

Melee proficiency - You can swing your way through anything whether it be with swords or blunt weapons. You're a good friend to those who can't fight up close and personal.

Firearms Proficiency - You can fix it and you can shoot it! Your knowledge with firearms is vital when it comes to maintaining and using a weapon.

Lucky - The loot gods smile upon you! Usually things go your way.

Mechanic - While cars aren't really available you've grown to make traps with what you have, from lining the walls with spikes to creating UV light traps for abominations you are the guy who can keep a building locked down.

Medical Proficiency - You can start beating and stop bleeding, your skills can save a life even when an average medic would give up. With a pair of tweezers and a sharp pair of eyes you can assure your friends who will make it and who wont.

Trained Runner - You can climb and run through almost anything like the runner you are. Mirrors edge doesn't have anything that you can not do... Unless it's jumping insane jumps or getting shot. You might have some problems there.

Most equipment will not have a point requisite, but know your character's limitations! Here is some equipment that will be important for your survival (You can be very creative on your equipment):
UV Flashlight (Very effective against the monsters at night)
Medical Kit (Mediiiic!)
Flash Light

Note: I forgot to put a history tab, feel free to include that in your other section of the CS
Talents(2 max):
You already have Military Training as a Talent so feel free to choose two other talents.)

Talents (4 max):
You already have Briefed and Noted as a talent so feel free to choose 4 other talents.

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Name: Kansas Rush
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Korean
Home engineered electric sword as pictured(Will count as 5 so)
Equipment: Flares, Hand Mirror (for signals), and flashlight
Talents (4 max):
Melee Proficiency
Trained Runner
Skills: Tech engineering protigie (weapon style)
Cyber Security Analyst (hacking)
Former Gymnast (acrobatics)
Pistol range regular (firing experience)
Works as the head scout of a small group in the area, searching to join other survivors. Makes a temporary home in the northwest of the inner city, just as you pass under the highway.
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NOTE: I forgot to put a history tab, feel free to put that in your Other section if you want to
Post necessary to receive thread alert system, reporting in!

Now how anthro are we talking about?
As anthro as anthro can be without being feral
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Name: Nadire Demir (Nah-Deer Dem-Ear)



Noctule Bat

History: A native of Harran and one of it's many prodigal children who leave seeking a better life elsewhere only to return for reasons that are not always their own. Nadire was raised by her 'Aunt' Sarar from an early age, only being told that knowledge of her would bring the downfall of two prominent public figures. Though downtrodden with the constant reminder of her abandonment she was far from unloved, rarely did she go hungry while her aunt lived and worked her many jobs in the city.

During those malleable teenage years Sarar was killed while working one day, a terrible accident due to lax safety regulations. Without any true relation to her Nadire had no claim to the home she'd grown up in or the small amount of money Sarar had been saving for her schooling. The streets weren't as unforgiving as she originally thought, taken in quickly by a group of peers. Years later she had been with the same gang the entire time, a rapid learner and asset to their small efficient ring of crime.

(Might add more)

A single machete that's been shortened and it's tip's edge dulled.

Small backpack with some bare essentials. 1 flashlight, couple of batteries of varying sizes, 2 bottles of water, 1 UV flashlight, and a decent length of rope along with various clothes and bits of cloth.


  • Unarmed Proficiency.
  • Melee proficiency.
  • Trained medical.
  • Skilled runner.

  • Echolocation, darkness doesn't bother her very much.
  • Leather bat wings, incapable of true flight, adept at gliding though.
  • Clawed feet, climbing up and clinging to a wall comes easily to someone who can easily hang from a ceiling for hours.

I'm not too keen on the colors and expression but the design of the body is whats going to be used here.

Covered in plush brown fur from head to tail. Her wings are a darker shade of brown, near black, than the rest of her fur. With eyes like emeralds she often plays that she has poor vision, this is a complete lie, she just doesn't enjoy bright light.

Without her friends or family Nadire has turned her thieving and burglary skills into an asset, opening locked cars and homes to scavenge for supplies.
[fieldbox= Azra Leah, goldenrod, solid]


[glow= yellow]Name:[/glow] Azra (goes by Leah)
[glow= yellow]Age:[/glow] 25
[glow= yellow]Gender:[/glow] Female
[glow= yellow]Race:[/glow] Fox
[glow= yellow]Weapons:[/glow]
(Click names for pictures)

L115 Sniper Rifle (Silenced)
+3 Box of rifle ammo

Kukri Machete

Thigh holstered combat knife.

[glow= yellow]Equipment:[/glow]
~Advanced Medical Equipment~
~Needle & Suture thread~
~UV Flashlight / Normal flashlight~
~Lockpicks x6~

[glow= yellow]Talents (4 max):[/glow]
~Briefed and Noted~
~Firearms Proficiency~
~Medical Proficiency~
~Trained Runner~

[glow= yellow]Skills:[/glow]
~Sneaking & Stealth~
~Trained Doctor~
~Crack shot~

[glow= yellow]Other:[/glow]
She was a doctor before the outbreak, her skills used primarily when she stops by a busy safe house location. While she doesn't charge for her services, she will often ask for some ammunition to compensate for the use of medical equipment, unless the resources she uses aren't from her own stock. She can most often be found or seen up in the highest places, usually concealed under a blanket to camouflage and protect from the heat as she scans various areas with her rifle.​

I'm gonna reserve a spot and post my cs tomorrow ^.^
We need males
It's funny that its always the other way around where people need females. Fortunately I'm throwing two male characters in to the roleplay, one operative and one survivor.. They will contribute to the rp significantly ^^
If we can have mults I'll get a male operative.
going to apply... on the forth of July!
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I'll put it in the rules but a 2 character max is allowed
Lt. Lazarus Thompson
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Race: Gray Fox
Equipment: Flares, Paratrooper Pack, Two flashlights (one UV), one medkit
Talents(2 max):
Firearms Proficiency
Medical Proficiency
Skills: Combat Medic
Veteran Soldier
Other: Ex-Soldier turned GRE Operative
Accepted, oh and a note to all operatives it will be a parachute entry!
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Can't wait to run from some of dem volatiles.

Good luck, Operative scruuuubs.
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