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    You wake up, thinking it's going to be a normal day, go to your normal job, and come home to your normal family. But you're wrong. Everything is different. You aren't in your bed. You are in a foreign place. It's a room, with solid gray walls and nothing inside of it, besides one door. A voice booms over some kind of loud speaker, but you see none in the room.
    "Welcome, you didn't expect to wake up here now did you?" The voice speaks to you and you can't recognize if it's male or female. It continues, after a small chuckle.
    "Everything you once knew, is to be forgotten. We still let you keep your memories, but they will not prove of any use here." You wait for more from the unseen voice.
    "Beyond that door, is a world in which me and my associates call home. You are no longer human, but something of our creation. It is up to you to access the new found powers that are given to you. Use them wisely, for you will be tested in more ways than one. " You try to comprehend what you've just been told.
    "Once you step outside that door, you will be led down a long hallway with pictures adorning its walls. These pictures show of our world that you have been brought into. Pay close attention, because you may soon travel to these places. Once you get to the end of the hallway, it will open up into a big auditorium, where I will address all of you, for your tasks. Good luck." The voice stops and soon the door opens to reveal a long hallway just as the voice said. A person in a white lab coat is standing there, waiting for you. He or she is wearing a gas mask that obscures their face.
    "Come." Is all they say, and somehow against your will you follow. What will become of this strange world? Will you fight to know the truth? Or will you be a slave to these foreign people? The choice is yours.

    Alright, well you've basically read what this is going to be about, but I really think that you have the choice of making your character's however which way you want to be. They can fight, or they can flee. Or maybe a little bit of both? I'm really leaving it up to you. Basically you are going to be a super human. But not really. You will have one elemental power infused in your blood, as well as the blood of a species/animal intertwined with your own. Here is a list of Elements/Species/Animals you can choose from:

    Holy Light

    Canine-like [Wolf, Jackal, Fox, Coyote, Domestic Dog{Any Breed}]
    Feline-like [Panther, Jaguar, Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Domestic Cat{Any Breed}, Bobcat, Lynx]
    Any type of Horse
    Any type of bird
    Any type of fish

    [If you want something that is not in those lists^ Please tell me and I would be so happy to add it!]

    Basically the setting is this unknown world you have been put into. It has many different places, as seen in the picture above^ A desert, an ocean, a forest, waterfalls, ruins/buildings, mysterious lands with statues and things.

    I don't want to give away too much, but that's basically it. So, are you interested? Awesome! Just tell me here, and please ask ANY questions you have about this. I love Collaborating!