New Knights of Camelot: The Ashes of Darkness Rises

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  1. In the year 3672 The reincarnations of Arthur Pendragon, and Sir Lancelot have been born. They tasked themselves with reforming the round table and Camelot. Building castle like structure throughout the entire planet, The planet's two moons being outfitted with defensive battlements. In this universe for those that take up the mantle on Knight are either pure of heart or become a vessel for The Darkness. The Darkness cannot be truly explained, but from what has been seen, that any Knight that has ever thought of or acted on any malicious actions becomes filled with a Darkness that switches the persons attitude to that of the darkest possible.

    (It is noted that in the reincarnation Arthur is actually female. Other than that gender is fine either way)

    1. Characters are either Knights of The Round Table, Or Dark Knights
    2. Only Damn is acceptable for Knights of The Round Table, Dark Knights are free for language
    3. Only 12 Knights of The Round Table Max
    4. Iwaku Rules apply.
    5. No Over Powering
    6. Have fun.

    Let it also be known that the lower your chair number the more powerful the character is.



    Chair Number:

    Sword Power:

    Sword Weakness:

    Personal Skills:



    King Arthur - Seat #1

    Lancelot - GreyWarden207 - Seat #2

    Galahad - GreyWarden207

    Bedivere - Silverdawn- Seat #4

    TheDarkLord7898 - Seat #3

    Cenric - Cybermoon - Seat #7
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  2. Skelly


    Chair Number:

    Sword Power:
    Any Weapon the this blade encounters it can become and the wielder of said blade gain all forms of knowledge of said weapon

    Weakness to Sword Power:
    The ability only takes affect after the enemy has been defeated.

    Personal Skills:
    Master Combatant: In the new times Lancelot has learned to use most weapons he has encountered in the Galaxy
    Master Tactician: He has been through multiple wars and some he has come out unscathed
    Strong Will: While encountering magic users it is found that he is quite resistant to spells not casted to master sorcerers

    Lancelot is a strong willed man, He upholds everything that Camelot stands for, He is kind, Compassionate, and would give his life for any so that they may live.

    He was originally born and raised in France, he had heard rumors of the King of Britain. He believed the King of Knights in Britain was pure nonsense. He began to compare himself with the King of Knights until he decided to travel to Britain to see the legendary king with his own eyes.

    He met the King as soon as he landed in Britain in the midst of battle. It carved a deep impression of the King when he saw the sight of a young boy riding on his horse, gallantly swinging his sword in a horde of invaders. It proved how wrong he was, the requirement to battle day and night wasn't physical attributes but it was one who holds unwavering convictions. Lancelot had fought together with the King in that battle, and for his accomplishments he was granted the honor of speaking with him as a friend and invited to Camelot as a guest. Before long, he began desiring a seat on the Round Table. He became a knight among the Round table and saw many battles.

    He had many famous exploits, including once hiding his name and disguising himself to enter a horse race for the sake of a friend’s honor. Even after falling into a trap and being forced to face the enemy's blades with only his bare hands, he had proved victorious with his skilled fighting prowess using only an elm branch.

    When Sir Tristan left the castle saying King Arthur does not understand how others feel. It was those words that began to trigger his insanity. Sir Lancelot wishes to lessen the burden for his King, a wish that Guinevere also held. They conversed with each other and came to recognize each other as friends and rely on the other. It was then that Sir Lancelot became attracted to her. She married him out of love but seemed that as of late Arthur had no time for his wife.

    When Lancelot and the queen began their affair, the Knight of the Lake considered fleeing Camelot with her, but his loyalty to Arthur and his sense of duty prevented him from doing so. When political enemies of the king learnt about the affair, Agravain who was working for Morgan le Fay had exposed the adultery relationship to the public. The queen was ordered to be executed, Lancelot left with no other choice. Lancelot attempted to save her, killing several of his fellow knights including Gawain's brothers, Gareth and Gaheris, in the process.
    He fled back to his own domain.

    Lancelot, who was considered the perfect knight, Guinevere, the queen who had made her beloved betray his duty, and Arthur, the king who blamed himself for his loyal knight's despair, all suffered from the resulting fallout. Although Arthur forgave Lancelot's actions, Gawain still bore great hatred towards Lancelot for his betrayal and the death of his brothers.

    His disloyalty had fractured the balance within the Knights of the Round Table. This incident eventually became the trigger of civil war and carnage, and the country shattered to pieces in the flames of war. Lancelot, even after being excommunicated, wanted to participate the Battle of Camlann to serve his King but Gawain hostilely rejected him which resulted in the downfall of his King and country. When Lancelot heard the news of his King, Lancelot sank in despair and escape through madness

    After the reincarnation of Lancelot, and the New King, or Queen in this instance, He bowed before her and repented from the sins of a past life and offered his loyalty, and life to her. After being forgiving they went on to rebuild Camelot bigger and better than ever dreamt before.


  3. Alright. I'll bite. Save me a spot.
  4. I'm going to reserve Knight number 3.
  5. Awesome. I need to edit a few things but ya
  6. Accepted
  7. So question... do they have to have the same names as the knights of the round table or can they be different?
  8. That is not necessary
  9. Vague but okay. Will have it up hopefully tomorrow.
  10. I just mean that other than Lancelot and Queen Arthur (Who's name may be modified to suit a female) none have to be named after Knights because other than the ones I have mentioned, they are not reincarnations.
  11. Okay then. Thank you for clarification.
  12. Im going to reserve a spot for seat 10 :3
  13. Wait I change my mind, I'm gonna reserve a spot for a dark knight ^.^
  14. Name:

    Chair Number:
    Sword Power:
    Multi attack - As her weapon is more spear like than an actual sword, she is able to take out multiple targets in one go.
    Weakness - with this attack, the enemies have to be in a semi straight line for this wot work. Not to mention it leaves her wide open for an enemy to attack her sides and back

    Personal Skills:
    Bull charge - Rams an enemy with her shield at full speed, using the item as more of a battering ram than something to defend herself with.
    Cenric, or Cen as she is sometimes called, is a loyal and honorable knight and is willing to serve her Queen however she can. She is fun loving and a bit playful when the time comes for it, but is fierce when on the battlefield. She makes it apparent that she wishes to die by her own standards and not on a sick bed when she grows old. Cen is also known to be a bit of a drinker and can usually be found in pubs when she is off duty.
    Cenric was born to a family of blacksmiths in England. Her father prayed for a son so much that when she was born, he only saw it as an obstacle that needed to be met. He gave her a boys name and raised her as a son, training her in the ways of smithing and sword fighting. Cen didn't care for the most part, as when her father wasn't trying to make her into a son for him to be proud of, her mother raised her to be a lady when the time called for it.

    Once she reached the age of sixteen, she left home to become a wandering knight and help those in need. During that time, she perfected her fighting styles and became a powerful and honorable fighter. She heard of a Queen who was in search of strong and honorable knights to make up the round table. Finding that this was her calling, Cenric went to this Queen, who was the reincarnation of King Arthur, and pledged her loyalty to her entirely.
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  15. What can the dark knights do exactly, like are there abilities different from the pure knights, can they use more powers than just a sword skill? @GreyWarden207
  16. Need weapons weakness as well. aft you do so it's a yes
  17. We'll discuss this in PM
  18. K. After work and school though.
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