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  1. Katell walked though the front doors of the building. Winter break was over and it was technically a new year.
    Katell has been getting many text messages over the break, all saying practically the same thing,
    I can't wait to see you again.
    Once the break is over you'll be the first person I go to.
    I miss!
    When is break over?

    Katell was always nice, thus being everyone's go to friend. She does have a bit of a temper, but doesn't let it show unless she was really close to a person. But Katell felt real good about this year, she could make new friends, or hang out more with the ones she already has.
    Katell went on her way to first period, which was science. On her way there many kids waved or even stopped to walk with her to talk.
  2. As she got closer to the classroom, she'd note somebody new standing there. He didn't seem to make an attempt to talk to anyone, not even to figure out what class they were having. He just stood in a corner, chewing some gum quietly as he just waited for the doors in to open.
  3. Katell noticed someone new waiting by the door to the science room. She guessed the teacher didn't unlock the door yet.
    Many people walked with her to the classroom but as she approached the door they slowly left her.
    Once she was alone, also waiting, she decided to say hello to the young man standing.
    "Hi. I don't think I've seen you around before. I'm Katell," she said with a smile.
  4. "Hm?" The boy said, looking up from the ground to look Katell in the face. "Oh, I guess not, since I just got here. I'm Ray, by the way." He said, nodding and lazily stretching out his hand. "Nice to meetcha, I guess." He didn't seem too interested, though, as he began looking away again.
  5. Katell shook his hand and decided to stand waiting quietly. "The bell should be ringing in about ten minutes," Katell stated, mostly to herself.
    Teachers usually unlock their classrooms five minutes before the bell unless they liked to hang out in there earlier.
    Katell took out her phone, she felt awkward standing next to the new kid in complete silence.
  6. Seeing that her attention was focused on something else, Ray moved a bit closer to her, for no other reason than simply being close. He wondered if she'd even take notice of his slight movements or not...
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    Katell looked up at the new guy. Did he just move closer? she thought to herself. The bell finally rung and the doors opened. Katell put her phone away before entering the classroom.
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