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  1. I already introduced myself as Aiya back in september but i renamed to a more better name I wasn't planning to come back at all after some very inconsiderate members on here called me down about something but i'm back reluctantly aside from all that heres the bulk of my RP style

    alright so I do not do simple linear plots my RP's usually don't have a main plot that i proceed towards my RP's are Open Ended and Non-Linear i prefer to focus on character development, my favorite Genre's are Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance (of course :P)
    Adventure, i do like do Video Game related and Anime RPs too i do hope to RP with everyone here if you would like to RP just message me im up for usually anything also under no circumstance can i dish out massive Paragraphs all the time sometimes i can depending if i can have time but if not i can do as much as 3 lines but big paragraphs are a no since i don't have the luxury of time since im a very busy person so sorry for that :(

    ahah oh yeah almost forgot in my RP's, i ask that you follow simple rules,

    Please do not make any twists or turns without asking me first.

    Don't try to Kill off my character, the only time i kill off character is when i write them out.

    If you aren't enjoying it please tell me so and don't leave me in the wind, if you do I may not want to RP with you again afterwards.

    Be Somewhat active, i've had many RP's in the past where people posted once or a few times and never posted again, I usually have a 2 week rule after two weeks i write your character out.

    I rarely do group RP's anymore as too many times i've repeatedly asked people to wait for the other members and they did not listen so only 1 x 1 i will do for now
  2. im not sure i can quite wrap my head around the concept D:
  3. Which one
    The rp itself or the fact that it needs a jumpstart
  4. the rp itself
  5. Well you've been taken to another world through a mirror against your will
    When you awake there you have no idea how you got here and must find out why and how you got there and I kinda borrowed the idea by the story basis from a girl in the same hospital as me
  6. what else is involved in the RP?
  7. Well when people start joining the parks going to explode into a massive forest though I don't wanna give to much away
  8. oh its a group rp ah im not really much for group RP's right now my time on is a bit limited lately.
  9. That's okay it's jump in anyways just say you're character is sick if your won't be able to get on for awhile then next time your on you recover that's what I do
  10. eh at the moment i'm sticking to 1 x 1 sorry D:
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  11. That's alright hope you get a good one going
  12. one can only try lol
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