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  1. Hey everyone, I'm the new girl in town, I just join a few moments ago and I can't wait to start RPing with you guys. If you're curious, I enjoy fantasy, medival, adventure and romance Rps. If you ever want to RP just ask and send me an idea or plot you have in mind, i'm usually not too picky and will usually just offer a suggestion to whatever you request before agreeing. Anyway, I hope to have a good time here so talk to you later!
  2. You'll fit in perfectly! We have tons of fantasy, even fantasy-medieval, roleplays goin' on. I hope you'll take a look and find something that you like. :3 Fill out the roleplayer's resume as well, so we can get to know your roleplaying styles! Check out our awesome discussions, plus the Writing section.

    Oh. I'm pretty much the Romance mod here, so if you're itching for a 1 on 1 romance roleplay, hit me up. ;] I'm open to pretty much anything.

    Fluffy's here for all your needs, as are many other kind people. Enjoy your stay. <3
  3. Awesome, thanks for the offer as well, I'll definately keep you in mind my dear friend! ;3
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, delicious friend.

    There's a good, solid crowd of RPers round here. Throw a post up in the Roleplayer's Resume (you'll find it in the Roleplay OOCs section, I think) and see if anything catches your fancy. And hell, if nothing does, grab a couple folk and start something that does. Iwaku's awesome like that.
  5. hello new person!! Remember to not let them bite you or accept food because you never know... ^^!!
  6. YOU HARPY! *polishes boltpistol*

    I'm Vay, global mod, noob welcomer and have something to do with project and generaly maintaining acceptable level of disorder. As you see we're a relatively friendly bunch of misfits who love nothing more than alteratly tearing eachother to shreds and painting out bodies with the bile and RPing, or is that just me? Read the guide it tell you you need thick skin and remember we're only joking, unless it a cbox squabble in which case THE MOD WINS! END OF STORY! Even if the mods not part of the argument.

    So enjoy your stay and have fun!
  7. welcome to the Iwaku new one, my name is Shadow Ike. If you have any questions at all I would be happy to answer some you have.
  8. Welcome LadyHarpy it's great to see such enthusiasm! Glad to see you have such a wide variety of tastes! Hope to see you around! :]]
  9. Greetings and salutations!

    Welcome to Iwaku, most of wot has to be said has been said, so I'll just join the standard welcomin' comittee.

    Please 'njoy your stay in our corner of the 'nets!

    *Offers Lady Harpy a present*
  10. Welcome to Iwaku, I'm one of the newbies and I hope your gonna enjoy your stay as much as I do ;)
  11. Welcome Greek Creature. I'm one of the admins or so my profile says. Enjoy your stay and don't feed Vay. He's been a rather saucy boy lately.
  12. Wow, thanks for all the welcomes guys! it means a lot! I hope we can all hang out and RP some time.