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  1. Andrew Matthews
    17 years old
    He's a very nice young man. Very friendly and never afraid to speak the truth. Unfortunately, he's a little shy. He doesn't talk to people unless they talk to him.

    It's especially hard for him, especially now that he's moved to a new town. People are nice, but nobody seems to want to approach him. He finds himself wandering around the hallways of his school and eating alone outside under a tree during lunch. He goes straight home after school, since he really doesn't know what else to do.


    Andy looked around the school as he walked. After a few days, he knew where all of the classes were, but he still found it troubling to try and get to class on time every day. Everyone else seemed to know shortcuts of some sort to get from one side of the school to the other. He knew that was pretty much impossible, since there couldn't be shortcuts IN a school, but still...

    He checked his watch as he walked, and decided it was best to start running. Andy broke into a sprint, holding his books with one arm.
  2. Name: Ruth Delmara
    Age: 17

    Ruth had been in the school since she started in the lowest year, she was friendly and nice to anyone and she loves meeting new people to talk to and hang around with


    Once the bell had gone Ruth said her goodbyes to her friends for that lesson as none of her friends were in her class, she too carried her books under her left arm and as Andy started to run she walked round the corner cutting him off, startled a little by him "OH MY GOD!" Ruth cried and jumped back dropping her books over the floor at her feet

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  3. "Ah! Oh shit! I mean... Oh god..." Andy cried out, almost running into her. "I am SO sorry," he said quickly, kneeling down to pick up her books.

    "I was trying to get to class early but... Oh? I'm so so sorry!"
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    Name: Clara Tanne
    Age: 17

    Clara moved to the town a year ago and understand what it's like to be new. She was a cheerleader, but she wasn't that popular.

    Clara sat on a bench in the front of the school. She watched all of the other cheerleaders flirt and tease some of the lame football players. Clara didn't feel the need to flirt with anyone. Guys were a bit annoying sometimes.
    Clara took a bite from her cookie, for a cheerleader, she ate alot. She wondered what events would unfold today.
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    Ruth kneeled down to also pick up her books "No no it's find don't worry, I should've looked first...Don't worry about it" Ruth smiled to ease him a little
  10. Clara finished off her cookie and saw a tree.
    Looking around to make sure know one saw her, she quickly climbed up.
    She saw a boy and a girl talking. The girl's books were scattered across the sidewalk.
    The boy was cute, she thought to herself.
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    "I shouldn't be running, I hope I didn't make you late or anything," Andy said. He smiled nervously. "I'm clumsy enough as it is, I shouldn't be taking down other people with me." He picked up the rest of her books and stood up, handing them to her.
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    Ruth held her smile as she stood up and accepted the books "Honestly it's fine, I am usually late anyway" She chuckled a little "Aren't you the new boy?" She asked then offered out her hand "I'm Ruth"
  13. He took her hand and shook it. "Yeah, my name is Andrew. Well... Call me Andy," he said. He smiled and laughed a little. "That makes two of us, I haven't been on time to a class since I got here."
  14. "Nice to meet you Andy" Ruth smiled brighter and dropped and crossed her arms over her books holding them to her chest, she liked the look of Andy, he seemed nice "Well what lesson do you have now then?" Ruth looked at him
  15. Clara got antsy just sitting and watching the two.
    Quickly she dug into her pocket for a pebble.
    She threw it, and hit the girls nose.
    She laughed!!!
  16. "I have trigono--" he began, just as the pebble hit Ruth's nose. "Woah!" Andy looked around quickly, a puzzled expression on his face. "Where'd that come from? Did it hit you hard?" he asked Ruth.
  17. Ruth bough her hand to her nose as the pebble bounced off "Ouch!....Yeah it did" Ruth also looked around a little confused about where the pebble had come from and why someone had threw it at her
  18. Clara laughed her head off. They looked so confused.
    This time she threw a pebble at the back of the Boy's head.
  19. "Ow!" he said as the pebble hit him. "Jeez, who's doing that?" he asked, looking around. He turned back to Ruth. "It'd be safer to go to class!" he said, laughing gently.
  20. "Are you ok?" Ruth looked shocked at who would be doing this and also looked around with Andy then looked back to him "Yeah that is a good idea" She nodded and laughed a little with him "I'll walk with you"