New in Iwaku

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Hey everyone just discovered this new thing you call.... what the ...
*stares at cow flung overhead*
I'm new here in Iwaku. Though I met the man behind Grandmaster_Karsikan and he showed me around a little bit.
Hey hey! I'm totally crazy! Look at me do something crazy and original!!


Oh and look out for [insert name here]! He's even crazier than I am!!!

*does something crazy!!!*


I'm so off the wall, you couldn't even HANDLE me.

And now you're on the same forum as me and I'm gonna BLOW YOUR MIND cos I'm so damn crazy and you can't keep up with me.

Sup man, Mind the insanity, there be loonies in this realm.
I hear that's a common illness you might wanna get that checked out. But, nobody said crazy was a bad thing.
I've been reading up on some of the things how long did it take to make this?
So I'm looking to start a character in Iwaku any suggestions?
*points* I like you already. >D

Welcome to the site....and stuff....YEAH!!!!!

*gives cupcake and flees*
*takes cupcake*
*wonders "Is he in the bread cult"*
She, and I don't know, I don't dabble in heresy.
Thanks for clearing that up for me, Kar... >_> Was going to see how long it thought I was a he.... And no, I'm not. o_o (in the Bread Cult, I mean.....)
Well I new and its a common mistake. So if I'm wrong just give me a smack across the head and tell me how to fix myself.
XDDD It's alright! I do it all the time myself. you can ask the members here... they'll tell you all about it!!! XD
"Hey! Hey! Guess my gender!"

Anyway, Welcome to the site, I hope to see you in the C-box soon, and furthermore hope that you enjoy what the site has to offer to the fullest.

Also, don't mind Asmo, he's just jealous we are all crazier than him.
Annabel here! But a lot of people know me as my old username "Dawn". Call me either, I don't mind. So welcome to Iwaku and as Myrn said, I hope you drop by the c-box! ^^
Myrn's female by the way. have you noticed the Cbox tab, it's sort of our own little realm of complete and utter chaos.
*walks in* Oh don't mind me just a wolf passing through, well anyway I should welcome you. *stops and sits down* welcome to the Iwaku and if you have any questions at all just ask and we can help you.

*stands back up and walks back into the shadows.*
Is that really necessary?

Oh well...and they're lying. Myrn is male.

Also, welcome. Asmo's post here is actually a parody of a lot of welcoming posts that new members tend to see...but I'm not well-known for doing that style.