New Improved Seach Feature.

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  1. Greetings Roleplayers!

    Jared has been tinkering again, or more accurately upgrading the forum's search feature to Xenforo enhanced search. It's your donations that have made this possible! Now that the search feature is back online you may notice several things, most importantly that is is faster!

    The other improvements on the old system are:

    - No more lagging and timeouts while searching. (hopefully)
    - A new, higher maximum of 500 results.
    - The search feature will display results for the variations of the keywords you're searching for. E.G. "Try" will show results for "Trying" and "Tried".
    - You can use boolean words in searches, (and, or, vs, etc..)

    That's all, go back you your regularly scheduled RPing!
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