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  1. I mean not really. I didn't spend a long plane ride in a hatch with other fellow bananas fearing for my safety. I was brought here though by a particular person for a particular roleplay. Though they were the reason I guess I didn't really need much motivation. The BBCode here is pretty impressive and the community seems fairly mature and understanding of what they want out of this site, something I was kind of looking for again. So yeah, here I am like a fresh pack of bananas.
  2. Whispers in the dark .. Whispering again. In a corner, I pet my whiteBlue Tiger.

    Welcome to the Madness then xD
    Enjoy the stay while you can and remember ..
    - we All are Mad in here..
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! We're glad to have you, I hope you'll find time to explore the site; there's so much more to do here than roleplay! You can PM me anytime you're bored or stuck :)
  4. Hurray Cas! <3 Welcome to the site!
  5. Welcome, CAS.

    You'll find Iwaku to be the ABSOLUTE TOPS when in comes to rp.
  6. Sorry for snatching you away from gateway, but the BB. The BB is so sweet.

    Anyway. Welcome to Iwaku.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.