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  1. Before I begin, I will say that the tags are a bit deceiving, but they are necessary! These plots are a bit different than my usual, since I'm not generally comfortable with rape, or incest, but they are actually an important part of the story and its development.

    Taken (open)
    The end of the world comes with an series of nukes. Those who are not killed instantly in the blasts are mutated into monsters. Those far enough to survive the blasts and the fallout are prey to the beasts that await them. In the middle of no where, two siblings are trapped in their house. No power, no water, and limited food to last them the rest of their lives. Not only do they need to learn how to survive, but they must deal with the reality that they may be the last two people on Earth.

    (Naturally, this is the incest plot. However, there is a HUGE twist involved with it! I will not give any details since it pertains to further in the story. I would be playing the sister, and am looking for someone to play the brother.)

    These are Advanced! If you are interested in either plot, feel free to drop me a line here or send me a PM.
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  2. I like the 'Trapped at the End of the World' plot idea @.@
  3. You can give other people a chance to rp with me. :P
  4. @.@ but I like RPs that are fantasy or apocalyptic
  5. They're not exactly my thing, but I like the ideas I have. o.O
  6. Well I feel like I am a better RPer in those settinga rather than a slice-of-life type :/
  7. o.O Alright, well I added a CS, so if you still want to do it let me know.
  8. Of course I'm still interested >.>

    Want me to make a CS here or PM it to you.
  9. Doesn't matter, you know how I am about CS. lol

    I can start a thread up in a minute. Wanna just give up our other rp and focus on this one? I'm kind of losing my train of thought on that one.
  10. Yeah. That is fine with me
  11. Still have my first plot open.
  12. No one for my Angel x Demon plot? :(

    And before I get another PM, the apocalypse plot is taken. >_>
  13. Still looking for a partner for the first plot.
  14. Still looking. >_<