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  1. Hello there. I'm looking for partners who would be willing to have some fun with me. I'm very easy going and will be open to most ideas given. I'm fine with basically any vanilla pairing as well as incest, non-con, and other things of that nature.

    Now that that's out of the way.~ I'm looking for both male, Futas, and females to role play with. Dominant partners are preferred but I would be open to something less black and white if you have a good idea in mind. For now some of my ideas would be
    Your role/Mine
    1. Doctor/Patient
    2. Vet/Pet
    3. Teacher/Student
    4. Student/ Substitute Teacher
    5. Brother/Sister
    6. Father/ Daughter (I don't really want to do son/mother)
    7. Boss/Employee
    8. Anthro/Female
    9. Futa/Female
    10. Male/Female
    11. Other/Sleeping Girl
    12. Cell Mate (s) / New prisoner
    New Ideas I wanted to try.
    1. A weed delivery service comes to drop off their product but the customer finds that they either don't have enough money or the price has gone way up due to demand. In any case, the guy decides to cut her a deal that gets her in way over her head. I would prefer to play the female at home but if need be I could play the other role. Feel free to ask for more info.

    Never tried but worth a shot if you're interested:

    I'll try and update this as I come up with more ideas... feel free to message me if at all interested though.~
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  2. Hm...

    Futa Anthro/Female?

    How does that sound?
  3. Sounds great to me. Feel free to message me next time you're on and we can discuss it.~
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  4. I'm a bit interested but somewhat confused on just a few things, the AnthroxFemale one the anthro can be male correct? Also the strangerxsleeping girl can you explain that one a little more? That seems more like a one off and then its kinda done.
  5. Yeah Anthro goes for whichever role you wanted it to be. It could be male, female or futa anthro depending on your preference. As far as the sleeping girl one, I usually have either a boyfriend, relative, etc (Male) come and start the process and get to a predetermined point when she'll wake up. Then how she reacts is based on the relation but it's completely open to customization if you wanted to try something different with it.
  6. I might have an idea that might fit the bill! A anthro futa teacher on female student! :3
    The plot starts off rather simple with a foreign student coming to the land of my race, the Zar'Che. I've got a post about them in my blog if you'reinterested.
    So, your character, human or whatever else, arrives in the new land and meets the teacher, who she might discover to be a futa.

    Interested? :3
  7. Seems like it could be interesting. I'd be willing to give it a shot. Just message me and we can discuss it if you'd like?
  8. Teacher/Student


    Shower Theme
    [Willing to give it a try.]

    They seem pretty great for plots. Please shoot me a message of you are interested. Thanks in advance.
  9. hello :3

    the pokemon suggestion interests me. i have a plot that hasnt taken off yet i think you would like. and with it being pokemon and you also interest in tentacles i can say one thing "~ use vine whip!" ;)
  10. Sounds like fun~ Send me a message some time if you're still interested in the idea <3
  11. its been filled. thanks. good luck though. :3
  12. Ah, alright no problem. Another time then.~
  13. I would love to try the shower RP idea.
  14. I meant the shower theme RP idea.
  15. Sure just message me and we can try and figure it out.
  16. Still looking~~
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  17. Hi I'm interested in teacher x student pm me!
  18. Still looking~
  19. Im.very interested in your shower scene. Rp
  20. I like the cell mate rp idea :)
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