New idea for an Inuyasha rp

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  1. I've been craving an Inuyasha rp. It's a rough idea, if you're familiar with some of my threads on here usually you will see most of my ideas are vauge considering as how i'm not very good at plotting. My idea however is that a half demon accidentily crosses over into the modern Era much like Kagome only this is a total accident. They're lost in a time period that is not their own. I am looking for someone who's willing toplay a malefrom the modern era since my character i'm wanting to try out would be the half demon in question, romance is a requirement, and obviously this would be done with OCs. There can be Canon interaction if you wish though. I also do other one on one ideas if you want something besides this so just hit me up!
  2. no replies yet? wow.
  3. (hmm..well I could play Sota Higurashi i guess. But besides Hojo the guy who likes kagome, and Sotoru the little brother of mayu, Sota Higurashi is the only male from the modern era that i know. And I know kagome's grandfather of course but i don't know his name.)
  4. Oh im not nessecarily looking for a canon lol. and it would be the same character im using in our other rp just different scenario.
  5. (Okay. Hm..well sense I don't have an OC created for Kagome's time yet like i do for the war and states era's time, do you mind if i use Sota anyway for the time being sence he's the male character i know best from the modern day era? Or sense I know Hojo's character a good bit would you rather me use him sense he's in high school like kagome is? Like I said in our other rp I don't know your OCs age..whether she's a kid still or a teenager.)
  6. She's a half demon so she's older than a human obviously but I was shooting for twenties mental age and such. But are you ok with me using her?
  7. Yeah sure you can use her^^ I just didn't understand the age situation thing or how old your character was which is why i asked so i would know who to use. I mean i have two main OC's for inuyasha's time, Miroku's younger brother Harvey who's 7 yrs in age, and Shippou's older brother Riah who even though i haven't picked the age for him yet I guess I'll make him 20 or 21 yrs in age^^lol..But yeah I didn't have any OCs made up for Kagome's time yet and so I asked the age thing to see which one between Hojo and Sota that I should use here sense Sota's only 9 and Hojo is 15 or 16 yrs old.

    But yeah your character is fine^^ And I'll use Hojo as my one of my RP character and for the romance part. And I'll use Sota I guess to meet her when she comes out of the well sense it's at his house. And then Sota could be friends with your character too or something.
  8. Ok well imma drop her age to bout 16 17 in this one too.
  9. Okay cool^^
    well who do you want to begin the rp?
  10. Could you?
  11. Yeah sure^^

    Sota is doing chores for his grandpa when he hears a noise comming from the hidden well. Thinking it might be Kagome and Inuyasha he runs to meet and welcome them but doesn't see anyone when he arrives not knowing that the person is trapped in the well.