New Hunger Games Club

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  1. Sup my fellow RPers.

    Idk if you're like me at all but when I read the Hunger Games I legit could not put it down (i stayed up to 3am to finish Catching Fire :P) however one thing I noticed whilst on another site is that Hunger Games RPs really seem to struggle through maybe a lack of organisation or originality so me and my friend decided to try and change that.

    We set up a club on another site that is user friendly and always available for RPers of any level. It wasn't just a great way to experience The Hunger Games and partake in the RPs run by specially chosen gamemakers who will take it in turns to run the Games (an idea we find keeps it fresh) but its also a great place to meet people who like similar things and enjoy Hunger Games (and other things) related chat.

    Anyway due to certain events that site is no longer usable so I would like to present you fantastic people at iwaku with an exciting, entertaining and established club Hunger Games: District Survival

    It might not look like much at the moment but it will grow and you will hopefully all enjoy it.

    So without further ado....

    Have a happy Hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favour