New Hero in Paradigm.

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    Paradigm City.

    The last word in the ultra-modern world. Its millions of residents deal with the hassle of every day life amidst shining towers and every modern comfort science and industry can bring them.

    It is as close to a utopia as you can get on earth.

    But it is a utopia under threat.

    Villains have risen to challenge, exploit, plunder, or simply destroy Paradigm City and the rest of the world.


    But the city is not undefended.

    There is a team of heroes, the equal to whatever the agents of greed and chaos can throw at them. They stand as the city's bastion and protect the way of life of it's citizens.

    But this is not really their story, not all of theirs. For there is a new hero in town, and it is time for her to meet her mentor.


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    The clock on the wall blared the time in a bright crimson from the wall as with her arms folded and looking down at the floor with her brow knit Clair Waterson, also knows and Bulls Eye waited.


    Her charge was getting late. Though she should have expected it. Rookies were always late. Pushing away from the wall she moved over to the watercooler to get a glass getting a paper cup and draining it in one gulp before crumpling it up and tossing it away. She had been told to wait here for some new kid and she really didn't have time for this. She should be out chasing bad guys, patrolling or at least getting a good lunch.

    In fact she was going to do just that! Once this newcomer arrived.
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    he flew through the air with the easiest of all grace. Her big fluffy tail swinging behind her in the air flapping. She wore a pair of super tight spandex to keep all of her curves in check and sotp her chest from bouncing. NO such cape or anything on her body. She was aiming for the side door on the Ledge Headquarters building, the one that to her knowledge she was supposed to go into. On her home planet of Mephitis Prime they had side doors , on earth they had windows. She hadn’t been on earth more than six hours. How was she supposed to know? She flew right through the window, glass breaking everywhere as she landed.

    ”Why didn’t that door open?” she asked as if it were supposed to. Now if anyone was paying attention to the room atmosphere they’d notice it was dense, and stinky, very stink! It smelt of old burnt rubber, rotten milk, molded cheeses and something like dense smoke. Was this skunk looking girl the cause of it? As she walked over to her teacher and gave a bow, the scent getting that much stronger, the answer was pretty obvious. She was indeed the source of the smell. She eyes her teacher though still in the bowed position. The ‘bulls Eye’ didn’t seem that amazing.

  4. Gods!

    The window was forcefully opened and it rived causing the unanimous reaction of 'EWWWWW' from everyone in the room.

    Bulls Eye turned and stared holding her nose and trying not to sneer.

    "Huh, better you than me." one of the other heroes said as he started heading for the door and safety.

    "Thanks Hotshot." The sarcasm in her voice was obvious. "Right... you... Skunk Girl..."

    She marched up tot he newcomer and with some reluctance grabbed her arm and started towards one of the doors.

    "I know you just arrives and space is full of things that stink but you will be glad to know we have full shower facilities so you never have an excuse to be presentable. I'll show you to them now. I'm Bulls Eye by the way."
  5. She shook her head a few times as people began to run out of the room. “You know yoru side door is broken.” She commented about the window but didn’t say anything else other then that. As she was beign led off to the showers she tried to remember what a shower WAS… Then it hit her, the bathing thing. “oh no that’s not costmary for my people. In fact if you were to try and wash off the thing that stinks to you.. well you’d be doing it for a LONG time. It’s not on my skin its coming form my ducts.. all over my skin… It just happens.” She commented. “I assure you I’m very hygienic>” She smiled “I’m Sweet Stench it’s a pleasure.” She giggled.
  6. "Thats not a door, its a window and its not meant to open." it was obvious that this Sweet Stench knew nothing about earth. "So is there any way to stop you smelling this that without bathing you in deodorant?" It was worse up close and near overwhelming and she was NOT stopping in her quest to get into the shower. The smell even made HER feel dirty and she would dip this girl into a vat of deodorant if that's what it took. But she may as well get the introduction out of the way while they were here.

    "SO what brings you to earth? Why fight our battles here?' It was a question she had been thinking since she heard she was coming. Surely her planet had it's own problems.
  7. Sighed and shook her head. “My plant is a utopia, it’s boring in short NOTHING to do. I’m the princess there, I’m supposed to learna bout people so I can lead the utopia so my father sent me here. In essence you are going to teach me how to rule my nation…” She commened and stopped walking. “I prefer not to get in the showers the extreme hot water…. Opens my glands. It does things to my body chemistry.. And what is this ‘shower’ you speak of?” She asked in a hesitant voice.
  8. She continued dragging her charge down the corridor until they reached the doorway to the locker room and pushed her though.

    "We're going to get you clean, then we're going to get you fed. And I don't believe there are any true utopias. This city is the closest we can get." She looked around the room and then tutted slightly, this place hadn't been cleaned yet today but there was no time to worry about that. "Locker 34 is yours, the code is 2468, you can change it to anything you want."

    In the damp room was the first time she had a chance to examine the newcomer. "So Sweet Stench?" Odd name "What can you tell me about yourself?"
  9. She smiled and looked at her. “Well you know how strong that super man guy is? Yeha… I can lift that much. I can fly, but I need to learn to be faster.. I have a corrosive oil I can give off from anywhere on my body… it’s also water prove and is used on my fur so I’m water prove. I glide like a weasel. I also have a toxic gas hatll knock a man out in a mere matter of seconds. It is also flamble VERy flammable… My real name is Karie, I’m not from earth and my body is capable of inner stiller flight.”
  10. "So you won the lottery." she said matter-of-factly. "I hope I don't slow you down with my running or reliance on technology to fly." her tone was sarcastic but it was because she was disappointed. "Wait right here."

    Oils, waterproof oils are water. Soap worked by bonding with oils molecules and water molecules robbing them of their repulsion of water. But there was a lot to get off so Bullseye was moving to the cabinet to get a fresh bottle of shampoo and if that failed where was industrial strength cleaner in the janitor's closet.

    "Do you mind...?" she was placing the bottle down and realizing that the smell was coming from their recruit and not from whatever to passed through to get here. So the whole 'You stink, shower now.' thing might have been rude.
  11. She giggled looking at her calmly and spoke up. “well I don’t think it’ll work but sure we can try. I mean generally my oils are very very tough to remove. It’s because the planet I come from tends to be rather wet and we use our oil not just as a defense or offense but as breeding tactics and as away to mark our terrortiry. “ She proudly poked her chest out as if this were a good thing. “Among all fo my people my oil is some of the strongest, both in scent and in cohesion and adhesion.” She started to ltet the water run stepping under it. The warm water did feel good on her flesh that much was certain and she DID like it. She then waited and giggled as her tail wiggled back and forth in the wet.
  12. Well this was embarrassing. "I'm sorry." cultural insensitivity might be forgivable if accidental. She didn't enter a shower herself instead she clasped her hands and took a breath adopting a more formal attitude. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to misunderstand your planet. I will meet you outside once I have gotten our orders."

    She slipped out the door and shook her head, the oil was still on her hand and she sighed. Her change could fly, she couldn't this would make things interesting... Now more than ever Bullseye felt she was the wrong person for the job.
  13. She understood where her mentor was coming from, and she accepted it. not being that insulted by the culture shock she was experiencing. With a deep dis taste she ‘washed up’ the soaps and things of this planet doing almost nothing to remove her oil. Literally yielding no positive results. She soon walked out, fur smelling of sweet pine and skunk and stood there a moment her tail wagging. “Well Uh now what?” She asked her fur retaining most of the water so that now she was cold as the trying towel just didn’t seem to quite get the job done.

    She was more curious on the orders now as she stared at her mentor almost about to jump up and down with joy.
  14. Now the alien was smelling like an entire forest and not just a creature from it. Bullseye was leaning against the wall waiting. "There you are." she said standing and attempting a smile with mixed results. "You'll be staying with me, nothing fancy but since we're partners we'll share a common area and have out own bedrooms. I'll show you." gesturing for the alien to walk next to her she started walking and it wasn't far in the tower until they got to the bedrooms, all the doors looked the same except for a number on each of them and a name plate for the occupants. Bullseye's one only had her name, so apparently she stayed alone up until now. "You're my first partner since I was a trainee, so I've kiiida..." he opened the door and the lounge was filled with her belongings. "... claimed the common area as my own." it wasn't messy but there were a few sets of clothing lying around and a couple of books on the table that she moved to hide as best she could under it. "So, welcome home."
  15. She nodded her head in understanding. “Well you’ll be relieved to know I have not many things that I brought from my home. It’s kind of a tradition to adapt to the world around you so you don’t have to move any of your belongings so long as I have a small corner near a window to meditate I’m fine.” She spoke walking her smelly self over to the only door that seemed like it belonged to her. She opened it, an empty room with a bed was there. She walked inside of it, leaving the door open, Soon all of her clothing was put away and everything seemed right. She was then doing some stretches, her long stoat legs spanning a large gate.
  16. Yes, by the window was a good idea, an open one.

    She didn't want to think thought like that but it was hard not to. There was an alien, probably a princess or something coming to earth from a perfect land of sunshine and happiness. Leaving all that for what? Here people had to fight to keep the city safe and she didn't have to her whole life. If Bullseye had grown up in the perfect place where everything was peaceful and no one had to fight to keep things safe she wouldn't have left.

    "Well since you want to adapt to how we do things here maybe we should have ground rules. The common area is both of ours where we can relax and be at peace. So with that in mind it needs to be in a state both of us can relax in." was it just her or was the small worse now. "I'll move my junk to my room and you keep it smelling nice for humans. Deal?" Okay this was worse, she ducked away to start gathering stray clothes, not all of which was her uniform, she liked to look nice sometimes.
  17. For a few minutes there, as Bullseye was giving out the rules, she could swear that this human didn’t like her very much! Was it something she said, was it an Earth costume that she forgot? Maybe she didn’t speak English in the right way and said something to offend the woman, she was determined to find out now!

    She stood still, listening to the rules and finally, with a frustrated look, said this in as plain of English as she can. “I cannot control my smell, I cannot smell my own smell. I cannot control anything in regards to my smell. When I, as you said, relax the muscles in my body loosen up because they are tired of being tense. Poufs of gas will come out on the spot, the steady stream of scent will increase. It is, most of the time, tiring to have to have that much control over the muscles all around your body. I will go put my things down now.” And the tall lanky woman spun on her heels, aiming for the room that was hers. She walked past different clothes mounds over to the door that was hers opened it softly and closed it even softer. Was she upset now?

    Now that she was back in her own room she relaxed. To the human ear the sound of what might be ‘farting’ was released, with noxious results.Her room quicky stank to high heaven like skunk as she was moving everything around. Bed being moved to her closet like area, night stand being moved over there and leaving a BIG space by the window. She smiled with that taking her few cloths and putting them in the closet that would barely open and then going to go sit down by the window, which was close, and relax. As she relaxed further more odor causing gasses poored out of her body, now in the form of silent farts and opened glands on her body. Perhaps by now, some fifteen or thirty minutes after the conversation, her smell would be strong enough to poor in from the door and other area and intot he main living area.
  18. With most of the clothes cleared out to be heaped on her bed she was in the lounge picking up the past of it when the smell hit and she almost barfed. "Great, I've offended her and now she's getting revenge." she knew that wasn't trued but she was in a bad mood thanks to completely failing as a host but maybe after time alone things would be better and they would be able to go on patrol.

    In her door with the door closed and the vents on she slopped on her bed along all the clothes and reached under the pillow for her book. She was always reading one. This one was about a girl who was in love with a werewolf but they couldn't be together because of her vampire ancestry. Silly and not remotely plausible but that didn't matter. Anything was plausible in fiction.

    It was then that the alarm went off and having just started reading she cursed and snapped the book shut before getting up and pulling her communicator from her belt and flitting it open.

    "Trouble at the water plant, Bullseye, handle it."

    She didn't answer it but she snapped the device shut and jumped off her bed. Yes! Action! Fun! Buts to kick! Stinky wanted to help fight criminals, time to see what she could do and if she would go hoe when she found out how brutal fighting could be. Opening her door the moved though the now smelly living room. "Hey Sweet Stench, We're up. We'll pic up your communicator on the way out. It's your first mission!"
  19. All was nice and quite now. Even a small sleep had set upon her as she sat in the corner of her room meditating. Her mind was focused in on her body, first down to the toes and then all the way up to the top of the head. Her concentration moved through the body like water over a soft rock surface its ebb and flow relaxing. She felt her inner workings, her scent accretion glads relaxing and allowing the purity of her odor out. Her lungs inflating and deflating with zero tension in them. She smiled and eyed the door once she heard Bullseye dicuss missions.

    Standing quickly she dawned a two piece outfit. The top, all black and just big enough to cover her chest, and the top the casual panty like leotard that the heronines were known for. She left shoes and gloves and didn’t bother to cover her face, despite what the guide and manual said. She figured if anyone saw her they’d know it was her. Not many other six foot five skunks around right?

    She walked out the door and started to fly a bit, her feet no longer touching the ground as she flew past Bullseye moving quickly but slow enough for her partner. “Lead the way, I’ll follow your lead ma’am.” She quickly placed herself in the ‘lesser’ category not afraid to take orders. And be a team player.
  20. She glanced back at her charge. Wise, accepting that the person with seniority and experience was the leader. What was she wearing though? There was a lot of exposed skin... fur.. whatever that was and it wasn't so much a disguise as it was a signature. So Sweet stench was that kind of hero. She stopped at the dispatch and picked a communicator and handed if to her. "Here, you'll need this. Not only does it let you keep in touch it also lets everyone know you're one of us. Look after it too if if falls into the wrong hands then anyone can listen in on us. That's what the self destruct is for."

    Her tone of voice was instructional like a teacher telling a student how to hold a pen or solve a math problem. Until now. Now it changed becoming softer. "Watch my back out there and I'll watch yours. Okay?" Damn she still stunk but this was business, there were worse things than having a stripperific skunk floating in front of you. "You can fly, I have a bike, let's go." she stepped into an elevator that would take them strait down to the garage.