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  1. Plot: In Miracle City, The heroing Capital of the U.S., If not the the world has a Special School. One that trains the next Generation of heroes. Given the nature of the School, and the fact that Ability to have powers is passed down the generations, They always have a cover story for the school as it has had to change location in the past. They of course have your normal classes, after all the kids do need to be able to hold a cover ID and be able to function like your normal civilian. Of course it has the normal issues but way worse. Power boosting drugs, Powers being unleashed by students on to others, Villains attacking the school, the works. Also of course they do field missions for practical exprience and have a practice room. And despite the previously stated problems it is pretty good school. A lot of the world's Top Heroes have graduated from here. Even have a few scholarships. The Riseing Hero for Heroes who just came into their powers naturally and need help with expenses involved with the school. The Recovery for those who've had undergone rather nasty events and gained powers in the process. Finally the latest is The Redemption Scholarship for Powereds who have a record but show potential to become actual Heroes. However there are those opposed to this one. And there is a secret organization in the school that is hell bent on turning potential heroes into villains. And they have been ramping up with The redemption Scholarship kids coming in for the first time. Will they be stopped? Will They win? Will You Be able to graduate and possibly get A Date? Well join New Hero Academy and find out.

    Civ Core-
    Math Classes
    English Classes
    History Class
    Geography Class
    Govt Class
    Science Classes

    Hero Core-
    Power Control Classes
    Hideout Raiding Class
    Practical Costume design Class
    Team work and Cooperation Classes
    Basic Detective Work Class
    Super Science Classes
    Crisis Solving Class

    Civ Elective-
    Tech Classes
    Autoshop Class
    Theatre Classes
    Foreign Languages
    Journalistic Classes
    Entrepreneurship class
    {insert others that i'm forgeting here}

    Hero Electives-
    General Costume Design
    Advance Hand to Hand Fighting Techniques
    Advanced Detective Work Classes
    Gadget Design Class
    {Insert others here}

    Riseing Hero- For those with financial challanges but still want to be a hero. A test is generally given as are forums to be signed and completed. Generally full ride.

    Recovery- To help out rehab those who have gone through trying expriences and gained powers but also wish to be Heroes. psyche eval and frums are used for this one, also if seen as necessary some mandatory therapy.

    Redemption: Otherwise known as the Second Chance Scholarship. This is for Those who are convicts
    and have a record if shown to show a chance that they could turn themselves around are admitted as either a sentence or part of some deal.

    The Social Ladder:
    -Major Legacies
    -Minor Legacies
    -Entree Heroes
    -The geeks
    -Redemption Scholarship Kids

    Char Sheet:
    Scholarship:(If applicable)
    Spot on the Social Ladder:
    Schedule:(about 8 classes total, has to have both some Hero and civ)

    Main Building: Has the classic Brick building look, Also has a friendly, open look to it. Internally made so it easy to get where needed. Also below has the Hero training facilities. All of it reinforced to withstand most accidental power set offs.

    Gym and Field: For more physical stuff. Also inside the gym can convert for power usage in a sort of "Danger Room" as nicknamed by students. Also more reinforced than any other building on campus to deal with powers accidentally geting set loose.

    Court yard: general area to hang out, pretty nice, has a couple of trees and a deep pond.

    Dorms:Standard Dorms. Reinforced of course. One for males, one for females and a co-ed one.

    1. Standard Iwaku rules.
    2.No Mary Sues and Gary Stus.
    3.Escape Lab stories are allowed.
    4.No going OP
    5.Have fun
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