New here :)

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Hey I'm new here ^-^
Hoping to meet new friends :3
Welcome to the site. I'm sure you'll make lots of new friends here.
Uniiquea! That's a very...unique name! Teeheheee! XD

Welcome to Iwaku! <3 Can't wait to see you playing with us! :D

Don't provoke or feed the staff, they'll eat you 0.o

If you need anything at all, contact me, I'll help!
Thanks :3 :DD
And got it :P Don't want to get eaten :/
Welcome...Miss Honey Badger. I'm Rory, one of the admins and the like. Enjoy your stay.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku Uni. My name is Shadow (snowy) Ike leader of the Silverwing wolf pack, if you have any questions just ask and I may be able to help you.
Thanks! :D
Hopefully I'll get used to this site soon :3 Not used to being a newbie, I haven't for a while o.e
Eh, you'll do fine.

But, if you're having trouble acclimating to the format of the site, or the many functions, just talk to staff. Though most regular members are INCREDIBLY helpful. May or may not be due to a higher concentration of ex-staffies on this site.

Either way, Contact me if you need anything, to repeat what I said earlier.
You know NOTHING of hell NOOOTHIIIING!!!!!

Wait until you've been reading the asylum for a year then you'll have a clue... maybe.

Any welcome, I in all my easy to get into rants gory... er.. glory am Vay. RP support and projects mod. If you need anything I'll put on my friendly helpful face and see you through the times you have ahead.

So young one, grab the wheel and don't let go. Its one hell of a ride, but well worth it.