New here :)

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  1. *waves shyly* Hi everyone :)

    I'm Wildchild and as you can see, I just joined the site. I'm pretty new to roleplaying and would love to improve my skills here.
    I'm not a native speaker and in a different time zone than most people here, but I hope that won't be a problem :)

    See you around :)
  2. Nice to meet you I am rockettstarr and if you ever want to role play just holler and i would be glad too XD
  3. Hello, Wildchild! Don't be shy! We're all friends here. ^^

    Nice of you to join Iwaku and RPing! I've come to bring you some links that will prove useful.

    To help you get started with RPing, I suggest stopping by our
    Academy, and taking a look at our exercises and such! And hey, you can request a mentor if you feel you need one.

    And the
    general RP 101 for helpful information regarding RPing. And if you need anything else, just let me know I'll help out. ^^
  4. Hello Wild child welcome to the site.
  5. Thanks everyone for being so welcoming. :)
    I'll be sure to check out the Academy, sounds like it could be very useful to me.
  6. Welcome to the community, sweetheart! We won't bite you! The most I would do is burn you to a crisp, but let's not focus on that! :D

    If you need anything, let me or another Staff know! We'd be happy to help you!