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  1. hello everyone....guess I'll just come out and say I'm new here and looking for a good rp I can join asap this is not my first time rping so just let me know if you got anything going that I could join
  2. Welcome..Bi...O..Biohasard..Strange way of spelling it.

    Sounds like you're ready to get right to it! Here, try these

    Enjoy your time here! Please ask someone if you need help!
  3. thnx juku

    srry bout the spelling you can call me bio for short no biggy to me XD

    do have one question bout finding the plots...ik you have a section set aside just for them but I was wondering if there was some way to find them a bit more easier than have to scroll through the listing considering how many you guys put up in one day.
  4. By 'through the listing' I'm going to guess you mean the thread?
    Well..The best thing to do if you're lost in the post/plot is either read some previous posts.
    Or talk to the GM [starter] of the thread and just ask for a simple run down.

  5. Interesting way of spelling indeed lol. But there are jump in RPs if you just want to get started ^^
  6. kk thnx I've already found one i like waiting to see if i can jump in
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, Bi O Has Rd.

    Always nice to see new faces here. If you are worried about your role playing skills, check out the
    academy and do various challenges to help build your skills. You will find role players there even just to have fun. Besides that it's pretty nice here. People are pretty friendly and most will help when asked. So just have fun and enjoy your stay.
  8. thnx I be sure to check it out been a while since I've been on an rp forum last two I was in just...died they were small but fun we'd jump through several types and had a lot of fun
  9. Yes... I'm gonna call you Bio for short. *nods* Welcome to Iwaku! Looks like you're getting around. Honestly I'm a big fan of the Jump-In RP forum. Nice and quick and easy to get into a game. :]