New here ;P

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  1. Yeah, so I'm new here. Well I've been to other forums before, so I think I'll catch up at a good speed here. So hi ;D
  2. Just so you know your name comes up as nothing but boxes when I see it on the forum.
  3. Hi there, Beautiful Gurl!

    Having a special font for your username may look cool, but just be aware that it may cause problems for you and for other members. Many people (like Ocha) will not have that font installed, and so they will not be able to read it. They won't know what your username is, and will have to ask what to call you. They will not be able to type in your name if they want to send you a Private Message or search for your profile in order to contact you. And if so many people can't see it, that does diminish the effect of having a cool-looking font in the first place, doesn't it? :[

    At any rate, welcome to Iwaku. If you have any questions about the site, feel free to ask!
  4. Hidey ho new person! 8D Welcome to the site and I shall name thee BOXGURL.
  5. Read the text from left to right, and top to bottom.