new here...need showing around .-.

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  1. hey the names Zero, Patrick in rl, i was shown this site by a good friend of mine....but this is a site i have never expericned help?
  2. Well how about this....I'm pretty new also...but I know the basics....we can help each other learn...sound good? :D
  3. Kekeke, can you also help me? I just joined
  4. Hey all! :) Welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm a pretty recent member myself - just joined a week ago, and everyone's here really friendly.

    Here's a bunch of stuff that will (hopefully) help.

    General Things About Iwaku - Community

    If you haven't RP-ed before, and this is your first time, click here.

    For socializing and generally chatting with other members, here's the chat section.

    And if you're interested in Mythos, but not quite sure what it is, click here.

    Hope that all of you find your time here enjoyable!~ Feel free to PM me if you wanna RP/chat/whatever :)
  5. that was me i take the blame for it hehehe :) hi Pat:bsmile:
  6. Well I'm willing to help all who ask :D
  7. Welcome to Iwaku,

    I hope you will have lots of fun Roleplaying here!
    And remember, Roleplay the crap out of yourself.
  8. Welcome Zero! You will get plenty of help here so take your time. Most important, enjoy yourself and have fun role playing.