New here, need female 1x1. can be mature

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  1. Well this is a new site for m. I have been roleplaying for over 6 years. I'm very open minded. I just dont do yaoi or play canon characters.
    I like new things and don't mind doing mature things.
  2. Do you have a plot or setting in mind?
  3. Yeah...same question from me, do you have anything in mind? :)
  4. Ditto from me. Though I'm willing to come up with a plot and setting and stuff together. :P
  5. I'm up for it as well. :D
  6. this sounds like fun. do you have a plot in mind?
  7. Just a friendly reminder from your neighbourhood mod (who gets tired of finding smut in the uncensored places) that if your Roleplay does earn an R rating, ask a staffie to move it to the appropriate mature forum!
  8. okay thank you mod

    and I don't mind creating a plot with any of you. Gimme some ideas, as I have non at the moment.
  9. Uhhh, dystopian society, post-apocalyptic, futuristic sci-fi... Anyone else?
  10. I'm game!

    What are your favorite genres?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.