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  1. So I'm new to this sight, but I've been role-playing for about 5 or 6 years now. I am quite experienced and I'm very good with grammar, spelling, and punctuation, so all I need now is to find a partner or two willing to role-play with me.

    I am able to play male or female characters very well, and I usually post between 2-4 paragraphs for every reply, unless I get inspired and then I can reply with a whole book! (Not really but you get the point!)

    I like to keep in contact with my partners through PM. I've always thought that the role-play itself becomes better if a maintained friendship was kept in tack throughout it. It also helps me to know if you're feeling down and need some help to make you happy or if you just need a break from the role-play for a few days. It also helps us communicate better, I think, if we both are able to talk and tell each other if there it's a problem in the role-play or if we have new ideas or suggestions for the other.:)

    I do have a few plot ideas, and I will list them down below, but I want to go through a few main rules that I have in my role-plays, or not really rules, but hopes.

    1. I do want us both to be having fun, cracking jokes, and actually enjoying the role-play, so please don't make it completely serious and full of stern looks.

    2. This is a rule for the sight, but also one I've always wanted to keep. If you are younger than eighteen, I would love to role-play with you, but anything aside from kissing needs to be faded to black. If you are over eighteen and we decide to possibly have smut in our role-play, I don't mind but I'd prefer if we had it through PM or of course in libertine. :)

    3. If you ever have any problems with my style or anything that I do in the role-play, please feel free to tell me. I will not get offended and I will just thank you because whether it's just a one time thing I do for our role-play or something I use for every roleplay, it will help me improve my writing skills.

    Now, for my plots. These aren't very well thought out but i will be updating them later. If you would like to suggest any plots or pairings feel free! :D

    A Time Of Forgiveness
    Character A and Character B have a past. A past that neither really like to talk about, but now that they're out of high school and moving into college, they think they can let it go. That is until Character B pops back into Character A's life and every feeling Character A ever had for B came rushing back. Will she be able to forgive Character B for the heartache and humiliation he caused her, or will they end going their separate ways for good?

    Bad Boy Next Door
    Character A is known for being the worse bad boy in not only the school, but in the entire town. He doesn't care what people think about him and he really doesn't care if he hurts someone's feelings. That is until he meets Character B who moves in next door. Little does the new girl in town realize that she lives next to the biggest player, and worse bad boy alive. She is the innocent girl who always smiles and laughs when appropriate, but knows when to be there for people, even if they're not friends. When Character A tries to make a move on Character B, he realizes that she is going to be hard to get, but is willing to play for the win of not only the new girl to fall for him, but whatever he wants from his friends when he wins the bet.

    Best Friends
    Having a best friend and keeping them for you're entire life is hard enough, but when you add in that your best friend is of the other sex, it makes things more complicated. Aside from the weird looks and strange mocking sounds that the two Characters get from everyone around them, they have been best friend since kindergarten. Now as their last year of high school, Character A and Character B both have to make some difficult decision about their future that may not include each other. As they start out the year and go through the twist and turns involving everything from death, heartbreak, firsts, and goodbyes, they have to choose what they want and what is best for them.

    Making Mistakes
    Character A and Character B met through their friend, Character C. When they met, their was obvious tension between them,like they were drawn towards each other. Although neither of them could stand the other and they never went without a moment arguing, one night they end up in the same hotel room on a road trip with all their friends. With the tension still between them, they let their passion get the best of them and wake up with a wedding certificate and empty beer bottles all over the room.

    Road Trip
    Character A and Character B are best friends, but complete opposites. They can't stand each other sometimes, but they would risk their lives to save each other. One day when they decide to take a road trip before college starts, they end up in ever small town and big city in the United States. They see the mountains, oceans, desserts and everything in between, all the while oblivious to the change in mood between them as they continue the trip and fall in love seeing the world.

    Holding On Until Tomorrow
    When Character A and Character B meet, they never expect to end up being such a big part of each others life. Character A figures that she would go home and move on with her life with a little bruise and a headache, while Character B thinks he will go on remembering Character A as the girl who got his with his football. Little do they know they go to the same school and get paired up for a summer project together, bringing the two strangers close together in friendship as they learn about each other.

    A Country Love
    Character A and Character B live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and people don't worry about the big world problems. They were always friends but as the two grow older and closer with their other group of friends, they fall in love and have to go through the mistakes, decisions, heartache, and hope of a small town country love that keeps them close, but maybe too close when it comes to moving on. (This rp would basically go through an entire modern day relationship and how difficult it can be at some points in today's society. We can change it up completely but this is basically what I'm getting to.)

    A Day Through My Eyes (Takes place sometime between 1920-1950)
    Character A was a girl who basically lived the American Dream. Everyday was the same thing for her. She had the same routine and she barely ever was caught ff guard. That was until one night when she got lost on her way home and met Character B. He is the opposite of Character A. He doesn't live in the fancy or rich part of the city, instead he lives in the suburbs and doesn't know what he's having for lunch that day unlike Character A who knows what she will wear to bed next Monday night. When one of Character B's buddies accidentally hit Character A with a football, Character B apologizes and finds Character A to be interesting. While the two begin to hang out and figure out how they live the way they do, they fall in love, but during this time it is uncommon for a rich girl like Character A to be with a poor boy like Character B. Will they survive the stares and laughter to be together or will they give up and go their separate ways?

    With all of these plots, we can do any pairings that you like. I'll add some down at the bottom, and I am always open to new plots and pairings! PM me!:)

    -best friends
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  2. Hi - I'm also new to the site, I've done a lot of one on one roleplaying in the past but not a lot recently. It's been long enough that I'm a little shy of jumping back in but I'd really like to give it a go as I used to enjoy it a good deal. I might need a little reminding on the proper forms of roleplaying but I'm fairly scrupulous about grammar and similar things. I used to do mainly highly researched historical role-plays (mostly set in Ancient Rome or Greece), mythological stories, and some vampire/human centric things. I'm good with almost any kind of character, of either gender, though mostly I used to play somewhat angst ridden, male characters with messy pasts. I'd love to try any of your plot ideas or come up with something new. It might take me a little bit to reintegrate myself to the role-play forms and etiquette but I'm very devoted to the quality of the story and characters. I have a fairly busy work schedule but I could certainly respond at least twice a day if not more. - Caepio

  3. Awesome! I would be more than thrilled to role-play any type of plot with you. If you go ahead and send me a PM we can talk and figure something out!:)
  4. I'm interested in the female role of "Bad Boy Next Door" if you're still interested or looking~
  5. I've had a lot of people request for this one. It must be pretty famous! Haha. If you want to PM me we can work something out. Are there any others you are interested in?

    @Zella Celeste
  6. I would love to roleplay the ideas Making Mistakes and Road Trip! Just get back to me whenever you can~

  7. Yay! Haha would you like to PM me and we can chat about them? :)
  8. UPDATE!!!

    I am still looking! My most famous post is Bad Boy Next Door. I am still willing to role-play that but I would like to play the female seeing as how I am currently playing the male in most of my role-plays now. If anyone is willing to role-play the male in any of these role-plays, especially Bad Boy Next Door, please feel free to PM me or reply to this! Let me know if you are interested in a certain plot or if you have a plot of your own you would like to talk over with e! I am open to anything! Thanks!:)
  9. Still looking...
  10. I would love to do Best Friend's or A country love ^_^ we could possibly double up so we could both play a male and a female character?
  11. @Korra

    That sounds great! PM me and we can talk about them!:)
  12. I'm still interested if anyone wants to role-play! I am open to any ideas!:)
  13. I'd be up for one if you're still looking.

    I only play straight male characters ... just as a heads up.

    And also as a notice, I'm new to the site but not new to rp in general if you had any reservations due to my low post count here. :)
  14. Of course I'm still up for it! And that's fine because I prefer to play straight female characters! Haha. As for the low post count, I never look at that! I'll PM you and we can chat! I'd love to role-play with you! :)

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