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  1. Hi! My name is Lauren. My character's name is Everine.
    I have just recently begun looking for new places to hang out on the internet and this place looked lovely.
    I have recently formulated a brand new character idea and wanted to introduce her here!
    I am currently working on character art and a full bio, but here is a rough idea. Tell me what you think!

    Everine is a nymph-like creature. She dwells in forests and glens and is always travelling; she moves from area to area, healing the land and bringing vitality, rebirth, and growth to wounded environments. She works to stabilize and restore natural ecological imbalances after dramatic changes have occurred; the reclaiming of an abandoned human dwelling by the Earth is the work of Everine. One could equate her with the embodiment of Mother Nature, although she is the daughter of a mortal human man and a Dryad, or Oak tree nymph. When the tree nymph called out to the Gods for assistance in restoring her forest home, the love god Eros shot a man in charge of cutting down trees with an arrow and he fell in love with the beautiful nymph maiden. Everine was born from the Dryad's plea, and was placed here on Earth to keep the land healthy.

    She appears as a beautiful maiden with an ethereal quality to her, with long white hair and aqua-colored eyes. She has deer-like features, with long broad ears and a tufted tail. On her head, contrary to her femininity, are a pair of antlers, which seem to have vines with pink flowers growing on them. Flowers also seem to grow in her hair, and feathers are intertwined in it as well. Most of her upper body is entirely human, with pale rosey skin and freckles along her nose, cheeks, chest, navel, and down her spine, although toward mid-thigh her legs become deer-like, with golden-tan fur. She is usually seen in the nude, although a "skirt" fashioned of broad leaves and flowers adorns her hips and her long hair covers her breasts.

    Everine is an entirely sentient being - quiet, gentle, sweet, and nurturing, with a passionate streak and a bit of a temper. However, due to her lineage, she does not have a soul, therefore she is outside of human law. She is a long-living and almost ageless creature, and the energy with which she is bestowed to heal keeps her very healthy. She is shy of being seen by humans and can camoflauge herself most effectively with the forest. She is mortal, but with her cautious ways stays out of danger and the only real way of killing her would be to kill her forests.

    Information about myself:
    I am 18 years old and I live in Ohio.
    I work as a housekeeper at a well-known hotel chain :P
    I am friendly and outgoing and I love to chat and talk OOCly.
    In fact, unless I am in an RP, I am entirely OOC.
    I would love to get to know you, so don't be afraid to say hello!
  2. hi, nice to meet you! uwu
    you have an absolutely lovely writing style and i got a pretty good image of what everine looks like from your description of her. i'd love to know more about her eventually!
  3. Thank you!
    I am all about aesthetics. Honestly, I am considering getting involved in the art community here because I am more about character design and development rather than actual roleplay, if that makes sense... :P
    I can't wait to start on art of her... It's always times like these, at 1 in the morning when I have work in 7 hours that I feel like drawing... ):
  4. i understand what you mean - i've been developing characters for years now, but my actual roleplaying has been minimal at best. ;_;
    i'd love to see her character art! i know exactly how you feel, i get the most inspiration to draw when i'm busy, and then when i have free time i don't feel like drawing OTL
  5. We have a big art community! :D Tons of people who draw. Makes me super jealous -nods- I mean, I can draw, but I can't draw well. Soooo.. meh.
  6. Hi there Everine! >:3 Welcome to the community!
  7. Thanks guys (: