New here, but not to the scene. :)

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  1. Hello! Most people just call me Angel. I've been RPing steadily since the MSN groups days of old :p

    I have been on many sites and seen many come and go in the past and hope to make Iawku my new RP home for the next-- however long. ^_^ I have plenty of ideas and would love to get started!

    I write in a third person past tense and like my RP partners to do the same. If you would like to start an RP with me, let me know! I'll be buzzing around here for a while.
  2. Hi there AngelLass! :D Welcome to Iwaku, where you will hopefully be here until YOU die and not until WE die? O____O (Not that we want anyone to die!)
  3. Lol, I think I get what you mean :p Thanks for the warm welcome. I took a quick peek around and started up an OLD rp I had on a site a long time ago, just to see if I get any nibbles... ^_^;
  4. Greetings and welcome Angel!
  5. Another Angel,

    We're rocking in the same boat here, more or less. Without further delay, I bid you welcome and hope to tangle threads with you during my time here.
  6. Hi, Angel! ^_^ I look forward to seeing you on the forums!