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  1. Hello! I'm OnyxForever<3 but you can call me Onyx! I'm new to this but like the title says I am not new to role playing. I have been role playing since 2009! I love role playing especially if you can be descriptive and post longer post. If you are interested in role playing let me know. I can pretty much role play anything so long as I know a little bit about it. Nice to meet everyone. I am especially good at role playing females and animals. I love to role play as a country girl probably because I am a country girl and have many animals including 2 horses, 3 dogs, 5 cats, 11 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 14 rats, 5 mice, a small herd of goats, snakes, and 6 hamsters. I know I'm crazy and have a zoo practically I hear it all the time, but my animals are everything to me so naturally they are spoiled rotten. I'm also currently going to school to become a Vet so fingers crossed for me.

    Anyone if you are wanting to role play just let me know!

    Thank you!
  2. Hey there Onyx! Welcome to Iwaku, I believe we met last night in the Cbox, but it's nice to read your formal introduction. What genres do you prefer?
  3. Thank you Tipsy! I'm not to picking on role playing. I do like realistic and fantasy. I also like role plays based off of tv shows, anime, etc. I prefer when role playing to play a female but I can play males as well just not the best at it. I like role playing animals as well. As long as the posts are long and detailed and not just. "I walked up to her". I can role play practically anything. I do really like role playing a country girl kinda story. Sorry if that leaves more questions than answers. Feel free to ask if I role play any certain genre and I can give a better description and answer as to if I can role play it and how confident I am in role playing that specific genre. I have been role playing for 7 years now and role played many different genres. So long as the content is good and detailed instead of simple one sentence posts that don't add to the RP then I can do them quite well. The shortest post I will let myself make are detailed longer one paragraph posts. Generally, however I post 3 or more paragraphs at a time.
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  4. Omg let me see your farm! <3 It sounds full of lovable, huggable creatures! Please take pictures hehe! Welcome to Iwaku, Onyx! Good luck with your career as a veterinarian and finding an rp partner! <3
  5. Aww thanks! It does have a lot of furbabies for sure!
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