New here but a fairly seasoned rp'er otherwise

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  1. what the title says but if anyone can give me a rundown on widely used rp customs here like terms and symbols that would help
  2. Welcome to Iwaku ^^
    Id say that all you need to do is find a story that is open for more players and then join in the way that is used in that particular story, mostly fill in a cs with a char you want to play and then jump into the story.
    But there is always the introductory threads like roleplay 101 xD
  3. Yesssss, check out the roleplay 101 guide. It's a quick and easy rundown of the rp here.

    I'm October nice to meet you!
  4. Welcome! I like your username. Can a pizza itch? XD
  5. thanks for the help and yes but only when it has a rash
  6. There are special roleplay terms and symbols? O__O Like what kinds? D: Are we uncool and only use normal words for stuff? Do other roleplay sites have cooler customs? ;__; I MUST KNOW ABOUT THE OUTSIDE WORLD!

    Welcome to the community, though, Ichy!
  7. well i am from the underground roleplay world that lies below facebook people use *, -, =, [, for action symbols and some don't use action but use " for marking speech instead
    as for terms stuff like rp for roleplay semi for semi paragraph hmm 1line for one-liners and there must be a few more hell if i can remember them
  8. Welcome to Iwaku, Ichypizza!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.