New here and losing faith

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by None, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. I am new here....thats all I am willing to say about myself for now. I have recently been permabanned from a site and am really hoping to find a place to RP and since this place was the first i saw I hope this works out...otherwise I spent twelve years making a character for nothing. I dont care about anyone and generally believe no one cares for me. Yes I am a naturally negative person. Please let me know im at least gonna have fun here thanks I guess.
  2. Hello None, welcome to Iwaku. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate past yet I hope you can make a new future here. If you need any help, ask the staff I'm sure they're more than willing to help you out! Also, check out our Creative Challenges forum which is always there to help members with their writing.

    Good luck with your Roleplaying!
  3. Thanks I guess and trust me I wish it was a matter of writing
  4. *starts sawing off his ankle*

    Welcome, None. And do please try to cheer up. It's Christmas. You'll get as much out of Iwaku as you put in. We have great people here, and we have butt-monkeys, like any community, but if you believe in quality roleplaying, good collaboration and the wonder of storytelling, they'll always be someone to count on here. Not least myself and the roleplay development team.

    You seem convinced that you're an asshole unfit for human cohabitation, but fear not. I am a TREMENDOUS asshole all over this site and get away with most things that other members get banned for. My secret is creating awesome stories and cultivating artistic cohorts. Such things are my shield from recrimination.

    With the correct application of talent you too will become untouchable.

    However, if you're just here to mope and despair for the global retardation of youth, we'll probably drive you out with intensive cyber-bullying. We've had too many emos (or whatever you call them now).

    *realises he needs to cover his shit sandwich*

    Er... a twelve-year character? That sounds cool. My own avatar, Asmodeus, is an angel that I've been writing about for seventeen years now. Five of those years have been here on Iwaku, where we have a lot of Mythos roleplays - i.e. we play mythical versions of ourselves in a meta-narrative. Looks like that could be a good place your own masterwork.

    Check out my balloon signature!
  5. OK thanks but yea I dont care about yer character....I dont feel like getting to know people im here just to RP no more no less not write stories, also I hate adventure time so that ballon signature annoys me. Thanks though for the info.
  6. Then may all faith desert you, my friend, for you have used what shreds you have so very poorly.
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