New here and looking for Partners.

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  1. Well, as stated in the title I am new on this site. I have roleplayed before (a lot) but I haven't in a while so I am willing to bet ill be a tad rusty. I figured enjoying a few easy paced 1x1's would be a good way to warm up. I should be able to post daily, at least for now while I am on break, but that may fall off a bit once college is back in session. In other words I ask for some patience with both my posting and my skills. Past that I am fairly open to whatever anyone would like to throw at me! I did however have a little idea...

    It involves super soldiers and romance...

    The gov. took twelve children with the intentions to create a platoon of super soldiers capable of destroying any enemy and finishing any op assigned to them. They were kept in isolation and had their identities striped from them and through a slow process that consisted of continual brainwashing and abuse they were striped of their emotions too. They were each given a code name, January through December, and once they were old enough and their bodies strong enough they were experimented on. Some were given bionics and others were genetically altered, some recieved both. The project went badly though, many of the now soldiers going mad before they ever left the lab for the field. They were deemed unstable and the gov. opted to have them "put down". One escaped...December. He is twenty-one years old now, lose on the streets, clueless about how the outside world works, clueless about how to survive, and worst of all the gov. wants to find him and destroy him. Insert lady-friend here...December (who is smart enough to know he needs a code name and goes by Jake) meets a woman. She cant help but find him strange, being as he is A) emotionless (or so it seems) and B) clueless but she feels sorry him.

    So I would be playing December/Jake and would be looking for someone to play his would be woman. If anyone is interested in this idea...

    If no one likes it, I am open to suggestions! I will say I prefer to play male characters and I am open to both strait and gay roamnce (as long as it is man on man, lesbian roamnce just weirds me out for some reason. No offence! I just cant write it) I prefer a fantasy rp or a futuristic or pretty well anything out of the ordinary.

    So hit me up if anyone wants to roleplay!
  2. sounds so cool O.O!!!

    Pick me! Pick me!! haha
  3. Consider yourself chosen! I am so happy someone liked my's been stuck in my head. XP

    Do we want to make character sheets? It helps me keep my brain strait on details...
  4. If you want to create one for me I'll use it, but normally I don't fill any out. This time I will though if you want me to. lol
  5. Okie dokie. Well, I will go make the rp thread and post the link here. I have a little character sheet together, you can fill one out if you want to but I really dont care lol. I will post mine on the rp thread.


    Ok here is the link:

    Forgive the cheesy title, it is all my little brain could think of at the moment. XP
  6. haha sweet, I'll be sure to post something by tomorrow. I work weekend nights. I hope you can wait till then.
  7. No worries lol post when you can. :)
  8. OH I would LOVE to roleplay this!! Hit me up! Sounds very interesting XP