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  1. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! Yuki smashed his fist down on the off button of his stupid alarm clock. "Son of a... how many times did I press the snooze button...? Yuki looked at the calender, and at the day of the week that wasn't marked by a red X. It was circled and had small writing inside it. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Happy green writing. Noboyuki looked back at the alarm clock. And the time read..." SHIT!" ...7:30. School starts at 8:00. Yuki began putting on pants, hopping down the stairs as he did so. He was slightly clothed when he got to the kitchen. "Well, you are up late." His aunt's voice rang from the living room. "Yeah, yeah, where's that shirt I threw down yesterday?"Aunt Minama looked around. " It should be... ah, over there." She pointed at the shirt, which was stuffed in the corner. It was a red tank top. He grabbed it and ran out the door. " GOTTA GO, THANKS AUNT MINAMA!" He put it on as he ran down the street, a 3 mile run toward New Heights Academy, which loomed in the distance.
  2. Hishikawa Rokuro sat in the seldom peace of the Academy's library, reading a book on the world's constellations and the history behind each one. Such divine mystery of the night sky has been dated back to over 3,000 years ago with its earliest records by the Babylonians. How interesting.. Certainly he would have to continue reading more to further understand such natural beauty that humans take for granted. His slender fingers turned the crisp page, catching sight of his wristwatch as he was presented with new information.

    '7:30... Such a shame the bell will be ringing soon and my learning will be disrupted. However, I will enter into a new world of fascination and discoveries, known as my class schedule..' Rokuro thought to himself, turning his violet gaze back to the book in his hands.

    The jet black haired Sophomore had been inside of the school's library since 6:30. He was always more comfortable when he arrived early rather than on time. He didn't know how people could be late and not care, Rokuro would absolutely lose it if he were late. The teen continued reading, his eyes widening slightly after finishing another paragraph. Huh, the Big Dipper is an asterism? Not a constellation? Interesting...
  3. "Asena!.....ASENA WAKE UP YOU IDIOT!!" Misaki yelled, startling the blue haired teen that was currently sleeping on her couch. He had decided to spend the night and she had been trying to wake him up for the past half an hour.

    "What do you want? And why are you yelling in my ear like that?" Asena groaned, burying his face into the small pillow he had been resting his head on.

    "We're going to be late for school! It's 7:30! If you hurry and get dressed we might be able to get there faster by bike." Misaki exclaimed, arms crossed as she looked down at her friend. Asena got up, muttering under his breath as he stretched, bones popping as he did. He quickly put on the white button up t-shirt he left on the arm of the couch before digging into his overnight bag and pulling out his uniform top and putting it on as quickly as possible. Afterwards he fixed his uniform pants before declaring himself ready.

    "Alright! Let's go!" Misaki said with a grin, dragging the boy out of the house and to their bikes that leaned against said house. They both got on and began to make their way to New Heights.
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  4. Deziree Skye Frost
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    Dez marched down the hall with her bag over her shoulder, and the skirt of her uniform swaying with her hips as she moved. As she walked through the halls a path cleared itself, the small trickle of students that walked parted for her, watching her as she walked past. As always, she avoided eye contact, ignoring the glances and whispers that surfaced as she passed. There was no point in troubling herself with them, people would talk, whether you were close or distant, at least this way it was expected. Since she had transferred she'd been a subject for discussion, varying in popularity of course. Some days people would ignore her just as she did them, and on others they would watch her with a heavy judgement in their almond eyes. Dez held her lips in a perfectly neutral expression, though it could be lonely like this it was worth it. There was no room for betrayal.

    "Hey Ice queen. You're holding your chin too high again, we can't see your face"

    A cheery, mocking voice called over to her. A multitude of eyes darted over the the boy with bleached blonde locks, and Dez herself spared enough of a glance at him to see he was lingering with a group of four. She watched them long enough to notice her brother looking away from her and the rest of the eyes sheepishly. Her features remained cold and her eyes, a dark blue shade, didn't seem to spark with any kind of amusement. She walked on silently and then turned into the library that stood all but abandoned. Of course the librarian sat behind her desk, and an odd student sat at one of the few tables, dark black hair cascading down his back. She'd seen him around now and again, in the halls or even here searching the shelves for a book to occupy his time.

    Dez eyed the hunched figure of the boy a moment longer before continuing to the librarians desk and pulling out a stack of three books and placing them in front on her with a small sound upon contact "I've finished the lot of them, are there any others you could recommend to me?"
    "Oh, Miss Frost" The older woman chided, shooting her a half smile before turning her attention to the books. Her old leathery hands reached forward and picked up the stack,
    "There's a new arrival in the back on top of the shelf that I think you might be interested in, go take a look"
    With a small nod of her head she turned and went to retrieve the piece, setting it down on the nearest table and taking a seat. She opened the piece, the spin of the book creaking in a way that let one know it was new.
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  5. Hora was woken up by a kick in the eye. Eyes slowly opening he regarded his situation, then sighed. His cousin was sleeping with him . . . again. Since they were little they always slept in the same room out of necessity, but now with a two bedroom apartment, there was no reason for them to sleep in the same room anymore. But old habits died hard he supposed. Hora began drifting back into sleep, when his eyes flew open.
    He needed to . . . get schooled up. But he was in a bit of a predicament with one leg laying on top of his stomach, Jasmine would have to work later and he didn't want to disturb her. Slowly but surely he managed to work his way out of bed and onto the floor. Dashing around the apartment brushing his teeth, getting dressed, smelling fresh, he was ready. As he was opening the door something slammed into his back, knocking him to the floor. Managing to turn around it was his wonderfully beautiful, smart, and equally annoying cousin. "My little king is going to highschoool~!", she cooed lovingly, pulling him into a kiss on the cheek. He normally would have fought her advances but he was short on time, actually he didn't know what time it was at all. Picking himself up off the floor and recieving another kiss from his cousin, he bolted out the door. "Loveyougottagoschoolandstuffbebackwhenever . . . bye~!"
  6. 7:00 AM
    Emiko's Kōun Residency

    "You realize I am already awake, right?" Emiko sat on her small bedroom floor stretching out her legs to the sides, sitting in her center splits.

    "Of course! You get up early. I was just worried because today's the first day of school and usually you would begin stretch-" Her mother talked on the other side of the door, rambling on about Emiko's schedule. She was a big support in Emiko's life, always keeping up to date with everything and keeping the times right.

    "I modified it for the school year. I'll tell you about it later. I have to get ready now!" Emiko yelled through the door while getting undressed from her sleep clothes. Pulling on her school uniform and then brushing out her blonde hair. She stared at herself in the vanity mirror, her blue eyes seemed a little bit more dull today, probably because of the lack of sleep. She grabbed the top half of her hair and pulled it back into a ponytail with a little white bow to match her uniform.

    Emiko headed into the very small apartment kitchen to grab a banana and sat down at the kitchen table eating it, listening to the small clock behind her tick away at the seconds. Once she finished eating Emiko checked the time and decided to head out.

    "Bye mom! I'll see you later tonight!" Emiko walked to the door and picked up two bags, the first being a small plain black backpack for school, the second being a pale pink dance bag with her dance shoes, leotard, skirt, and other dance accessorizes inside.

    Having both of her bags in hand she left to start her first day of school.
  7. Cho sat in her room, jotting down who knows what in her journal. It was 6:30 in the morning, an hour and thirty minutes before school. She had woken up about thirty minutes ago, it took her about twenty minutes to get ready, and since then she had been writing things in her journal.
    "Cho, dear! Are you awake? You shook be gong now!" She heard her mother yell from the kitchen, causing her to sigh. She stuck her pen behind her ear and snapped her book shut.
    "Yes, mother. Thank you mother." She called back, tucking the journal under her arm before reaching down and grabbing her bag. She slung the bag over her shoulder and left her room, heading for the kitchen.
    Despite the fact the walk to school from her home was short, she always got there early. She didn't know why, but she did. She always loved getting to school early.
    "Do you want a ride to school?"
    "Mother, you've asked me that every year since the first day of freshman year. My first day of junior year is no different."
    "I know, but who knows what could happen to you on the walk!"
    "Mom, it's literally a ten minute walk. Even so, the streets are full of people."
    "But you never know!"
    "I'll see you after school, mother."
    She said before giving her a small smile and heading towards the door.
    "Bye, Cho!" Her dad called from his study.
    "Goodbye father!"
    By the time Cho had arrived at school, the halls were pretty empty. A lot of students didn't usually arrive at school until later, which she preferred. Maybe that's why she liked coming so early. There's silence in the halls. Where to go? School courtyard? Hm, yes. School courtyard sounds lovely.She quickly made her way outside and once she reached the courtyard she sat on a bench. She set down her notebook and pulled out the pen from behind her ear. She opened the notebook to the last page she was on and began writing once more.
    She smiled softly. This was lovely. She could write all while enjoying the beautiful morning air. And she had at least an hour and a half to do so.​
  8. Yuki ran through the halls of New Heights, trying to get to the locker room. 'Why did they put it across the school?' He thought to himself as he passed a few girls that pointed and giggled at him. He ran by some bully, who called out to him mockingly. "Hey, Nerd! You aren't in uniform!" Yuki gave the middle finger to the idiot as he ran. 'I found the single f*** that I give, it is yours to keep...'
  9. Kayla Ward was already awake. Even though she was a sophomore and had already gone through the 'whole middle school to high school' transition fiasco, she was still excited. This was her first day of her second year after all! Who wouldn't be bouncing off the walls with unbridled excitement?

    "Me. Kayla, you're talking out loud again. Jeez you're such a little weirdo." Her older sister, Alexis muttered as she applied her eye liner at Kayla's vanity dresser.

    Kayla's heart dropped and she felt a bit of sadness swirling inside of her but she quickly pushed the feeling down and went to stand next to her sister, her arms crossed. "Um, why are you in my room, Alexis? You have your vanity." She inquired, eyebrow cocked.

    Alexis rolled her eyes, "The ceiling light went out so I don't have enough light to do my make up. Chill out, I'll be a second. Jeez." The older girl stated nonchalantly, as if she hadn't just barged into Kayla's room and insulted her in a time span of six minutes. Kayla narrowed her eyes at the back of her elder sister's head as she stormed out of her room. She knew it was useless to try and get Alexis to leave because she would just whine to their parents and get Kayla in trouble.

    The walk to school was short but it felt like centuries. Kayla had forgotten that today was the first day of her two younger siblings, Marcus and Aria's freshman year. And so all of the siblings save for Travis who was in university, were going to school together. And since they weren't as close as how they used to be, the trip was complete and utter agony. Marcus and Aria were promising and re-promising each other that they would never leave each other because they were twins forever and to the end. Alexis was talking loudly on her cellphone with her boyfriend, Naoki. And Tia was walking on the other side of the street and pretending to not know any of them.

    When they arrived at school, Kayla turned to her younger siblings, "Hey, so guys if you ever need anything, you know I'm always--

    "Fumiyo!" The twins chorused when they spotted their best friend, running towards her and leaving Kayla in the dust. Alexis turned to Kayla and smirked.

    "Give it a rest, Kay. They're gone with the wind." And with that she sashayed away to join Naoki and his friends.

    With a sigh, Kayla shoved her hands in the pockets of her jacket and trudged away to find her class.
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  10. Misaki and Asena stopped at Asena's house so they could leave their bikes and his place so they could walk the rest of the way to school. The rest of their trip to school was spent sending playful banter back and forth, which mainly consisted of Misaki teasing Asena.

    "My parents wish us luck for the school day. Oh, and you should sleep shirtless when you're at my house more often. I'm surprised I didn't come downstairs to you sleeping in just your underwear, really." Misaki laughed as a blush lightly dusted Asena's cheeks in embarrassment while they walked across the courtyard.

    "The only reason I slept shirtless was because it got hot." The elder of the two muttered as they walked into the building, keeping a sort of rhythm in their steps as they walked along the halls side by side. A few kids gave the side glances, but that was it really.

    "Hope we can make some friends this year.~" Misaki chimed, smiling up at her counterpart, who quietly nodded in agreement.
  11. Deziree Skye Frost
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    It only took a bit of reading for Dez to decide she liked the book enough to check it out finish it at home. She got up, tucked her chair back under the table and strolled over to the counter to check it out. The process was short, and only involved her stating her student number and the librarian scanning the book. With that she nodded her thanks and turned to leave. The blonde held the new book to her chest, and with her other hands she carried her bag. Using the few fingers she could spare she pulled open the clear glass door and stepped out into the hall. Unknowingly she'd stepped directly into the path of a boy would was sprinting through the hallway, she turned in his direction, her eyes widening in shock as she registered him rushing toward her.
  12. Yuki looked up as he ran, but didn't get to look very long as he crashed into whatever unfortunate soul happened to be standing there. Both of them tumbled to the floor. Yuki looked down at the girl. Wait... Looked down...? Uh-oh... That meant he was on top of her... He got a good look at her face, and, oh yeah, I don't think she likes me... Noboyuki jumped up. "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, I'm so sorry..." He backed away slowly. "Wait, wait," he held up his index finger and opened his backpack. After a bit of rummaging, he found... "Ah-ha! Fanta Zero." He opened it, drank the whole can in one gulp, let out a huge burp, and began running again. "K, bye, send me a postcard!" Half of the hallway facepalmed.
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  13. Deziree Skye Frost
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    At the rapid approach of footfalls Dez glanced to her right, her eyes widened just as some short red head went barreling into her. The two crashed down, Deziree cussing as she hit the ground. She grit her teeth and glanced up to the the youthful boy looking down at her. His eyes widened in mild shock as her narrowed. The blonde opened her mouth to verbally assault him but he jumped up to apologize fervently, "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, I'm so sorry..."
    He backed away slowly and Dez forced herself into a sitting position, "You should watch where the hell you'r--" Her interrupted her with a gesture, her eyes flared, "Wait, wait,"
    With that he scrounged though his bag and pull out a can of soda pop. Dez calmly raised an eyebrow, "Ah-ha! Fanta Zero."
    He cracked the seal and down the drink in moments, leaving Dez and the entire hallway watching. Dez however forced herself to her feet, collecting her book and bag yet again before walking passed the boy as he belched aloud for the whole damn school to hear.
    "I don't have time for the likes of you." She growled without a glance in his direction, he simply continued running, "K, bye, send me a postcard!" She rolled her eyes and walked on.

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  14. (I want to keep this moving, so ill go ahead and post)
    Yuki stumbled into the locker room and flopped around trying to change quickly. Three minutes of jumping later, he was in uniform (with a bruised shin, but hey, he beat his changing record.) After brushing himself off, he walked to his backpack. "Yo, Noby." Yuki heard a beefy voice behind him. He smirked and let out an annoying 'BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP' sound. Yuki turned to the football player. "What the hell are you doing?" Yuki giggled at his question. "Oh, that? That was my retard alert." He laughed and dodged the guy's punch before running out of the room. "Jeez, is everyone on their period today?" He asked himself as he ran to home room. Yuki burst through the door and jumped in a seat, just as the bell rang obnoxiously.
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  15. Rokuro had been sitting within the classroom ten minutes before the bell rang. He had checked out a book at the library and had been reading it for the time being. It was a random book that was apparently popular in the Western culture, it wouldn't hurt to read it. He had been very into the story until a random student burst through door and caused the desk to rattle upon sitting down. Kami-sama, he startled him immensely. He shut the book and put it off to the side, awaiting the lesson.
  16. Emiko made it to school on a good time. Biting her bottom lip slightly, a nervous tick she had. She smiled at some of her friends and waved, but didn't talk to anyone. She was in a kind of quiet mood today, wanting to get through the first day unnoticed by people. But she knew this mood wouldn't last, it was just the mornings she wanted to be left alone.

    In a good pace Emiko got to her locker and put away her dance bag, not wanting to carry it throughout the day. Then Emiko briskly walked to homeroom, ignoring comments about her from some rude boys. Her tiny complexion and size sometimes made her the talk of some very rude boys.

    Emiko got to her homeroom early, sitting down she pulled out a sketchbook immediately and started to sketch out a dance room. This morning on her walk to school she got this idea for a very open and gorgeous dance room. Her father always thought it was funny of Emiko to try and balance her two dreams of dance and architecture, so when she spent time designing dance rooms he always helped her out even more then usual. Which was nice of him.

    Emiko smiled at some friends but didn't talk, her eyes reverting back to her paper. Once again she chewed on her bottom lip, a little nervous to be starting the day still. But as long as she sketched she would be okay. Right? A part of her said it was time to pay attention or have a conversation but she ignored this part.
  17. Asena and Misaki entered homeroom with Misaki lightly teasing Asena once more. The two sat next to each other, Asena blushing here and there while rolling his eyes and Misaki giving a chuckle now and then until Asena turned the tables at one point; slightly teasing Misaki and causing her to become flustered. After a few minutes, Misaki rumaged through her bag and took out a piece of paper and began to doodle while Asena rested his head on his arms, eventually drifting off to sleep.
  18. "Hey. Psssssst." Yuki whispered to the sleeping kid. "Psssst." Yuki poked his head. "You got a pencil?" He made sure the teacher didn't see him flick the sleeping boy's ear. (Sorry for the short post, couldn't really think of anything.)
  19. Asena grunted as he felt someone poking him, then flick his ear, causing him to open both of his eyes to stare at the person in confusion. He blinked as he lifted his head and stifled a yawn. He felt someone jab at him with their elbow to his left causing him to glance their way. "He wants to use a pencil." Misaki said, causing Asena to nod in thanks for helping him in his still tired state. So, he began to dig into his bag and hand a pencil to the red haired male. "Here." He said with a small smile.
  20. Deziree Skye Frost
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    After her run-in with the red haired boy, the blonde girl didn't bother wasting time elsewhere. She made her way to class and slide into her seat, taking her books and writing utensils out and setting them on her desks surface quietly as she waited for others to do the same. It didn't take long for the bell to ring. Late students hurried inside and the teacher began the lesson promptly.

    Dez listened half heartedly.

    Today had started out poorly, and all she wanted to do was go home and hop online. However she wouldn't be allowed to do that, so it was now time to take it with a grain of salt and trudge through the morning. Bothersome as it was.
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