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  1. Kōun
    The city of Kōun has stood here for fifty long years, modernizing as time went on, and growing constantly. It's a bustling city with small cars and large buildings. Though strangely enough, only 1/4th of the population lives here. Most of them live in a small, less crowded town by the name of Kisaragi. They aren't that far apart and are connected by a small bridge that can rise and lower itself. Despite this, most of the town relies on Kōun for employment.

    The town does have it's own businesses, shops, and restaurants. They are home to the only school between them and the city, New Heights Academy. It's the largest building in the town, standing at four stories high and is one of the most prestigious schools in the entire country.

    New Heights Academy
    The school itself is a product of the U.K and Japan both deciding to create a school that would teach the culture and the language of both the countries. Japanese students would learn about the English culture and their language, while the English students would learn about the Japanese culture and their language. Though they would still be taught other subjects like Math, Science, and History. What's most interesting about the school is how it goes all the way from kindergarten to high school, this is to promote an easygoing environment where the students would never be separated from their friends and the amount of stress and depression would stay at a low level.
    Boy Uniforms (open)

    Girl Uniforms (open)

    The insignia on the shoulder of the student's uniforms is a pure white shield with the red dot from the Japanese flag placed in the middle, while wings that resemble those of a dove sprout from it's sides. Over it is a broadsword and a katana clashing.
    The year is 2018 and technology is getting more advanced as time goes on, even as much that virtual reality has been created. The World is a massively multiplayer online game in a Fantasy world where they fight monsters and explore new areas by using sword and shield, magic, or even a bow and arrow. The developers say there's still much more for the players to explore in the world they've created, and far more to come.


    - Romance is allowed, though not mandatory. If you want to take it beyond a hug or a kiss, take it to the PMs.
    - Good grammar is a must. Capitalization and spelling is something that brings a post to life.
    - No Gary/Mary Sues.
    - Be polite and respectful.
    - Have fun!
    -Also, I'm gonna add this rule in, Cursing is allowed, but not to the point of where it upsets someone. Don't just do an uncensored f***ity D*** s*** f***ing h*** bi*** motherf***er type deal, because no one likes those.
    Character Sheet

    Appearance: (Anime pictures are a must!)
    Name: (Japanese or English is allowed)
    Video Game Character (Completely Optional)
    I reawakened this thread from Viceroy, who I got permission from to copy. He didn't want to do it anymore (which I'm totally fine with) and I asked him if I could copy it to keep it alive. Everyone who already was on this thread, just copy your old post and paste it. If you want to make any changes, go ahead!
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  2. I saw the original and was in the middle of making a character when it got cancelled. Is it gucci if I join?
  3. Appearance: Mordecai.(Regular.Show).240.1360378.jpg
    Name: Asena Mondo
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: bisexual
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 137 lbs.
    Personality: Quiet yet kind to others, he acts like an older brother towards Misaki, especially since her's went to study in America. He can easily get jealous over little things, but tries to hide it. He can sleep almost anywhere. Almost. He has a love of spicy food, but isn't interested in too many sweet foods. He also has slight abandonment issues.

    Background: Asena was born into a loving family that lives in Kōun, and was an only child. He hates sugarcoating things and can be blunt sometimes. He would often get jealous over things like: his friends hanging out with others and basically "forgetting" about him. So, he'd "forget" about them and make new friends. This had went on in a continuous cycle until he met Misaki and her older brother. The three have known each other since the ages of nine and ten and have grown close ever since.
    Grade: Sophomore
    Extra: He used to play baseball and basketball his freshman year of high school but stopped due to losing interest. Also, due to his slight abandonment issues he's just a bit..."clingy".

    Video Game Persona:
    Because why not?


    Appearance: nice-hairstyle-new-hair.jpg
    Name: Misaki Aizawa
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Sexuality: heterosexual
    Height: 4'11 1/2
    Weight: 117 lbs.
    Personality: She can be loud, but is willing to try and help others all the same. She has a love for jokes even though some of her own aren't that good. She loves teasing Asena by claiming that she knows he has a crush on her, just to see his reaction. She speaks her mind, and usually tell others what she truly thinks without trying to hurt anyone's feelings.

    Background: Misaki was born to a single mother that lived in Kisaragi, and had begun to meet a foreigner from either Germany or America that visited Kisaragi around the time Misaki was six, she wasn't sure how or when they fell in love-but they did. That's how she met her step-brother, Mishka. The two didn't get along well at first, but after warning up to each other after their family moved to Kōun (then meeting Asena) they became close. She doesn't really know how the story of how her brother ended up studying in America goes; but she thinks it either had something to do with some relatives on her dad's side living there, or some academic thing.
    Grade: Sophomore
    Extra: She has a glutinous appetite, yet doesn't gain any weight.

    Video Game Persona:
    Everyone knows this persona as Mimi. It's a nickname given to her by Mishka.
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  4. Of course!
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  5. Appearance:


    Name: (Last, First) Hishikawa Rokuro
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 130
    Personality: Rokuro is a passive yet intelligent individual who prefers his flute over any type of physical education. He is the type to not speak unless spoken to, which often makes others believe he is either a mute or antisocial. Though he is quiet and proper most of the time, he holds a heart of compassion towards the other students (all expect those who don't deserve it). He does not retaliate when insulted and is not one to become angry so quickly. However, Rokuro could not be totally useless. He studies the human anatomy and any pressure points that come to use. So, when push comes to shove, he will be able to defend himself somehow without the need of behaving like some animal.
    Background: Hishikawa Rokuro was born to a loving, middle class mother and father. At the age of 4, his father had died of natural causes, leaving the family in debt. With the remains of their funds, his mother put the last of her faith in the small restaurant/sweets shop she had opened before her husband passed away. Business had not been great, but that didn't stop her from cooking/baking. Though she taught her son how to cook and bake just like her, he had become her right hand man when it came to managing the finances. Eventually, the business had begun to flourish, making it rather popular amongst the city of Kōun. Rokuro drops by to help with the baking and cooking every now and then, but is either studying, playing his flute, or playing a video game when there is nothing else to do.
    Grade: Sophomore

    Since he has little to no special regard for physical education, he will never be found in the sports area of the Academy. Instead, he can be found in the library, the music room, or in his mother's restaurant "
    Kyūden Setsuna" after classes.

    In his mother's restaurant, after he has his hair up and is in uniform, he is often mistaken for a very tall woman from behind. This results in him being flirted with by other gentlemen, usually them not knowing that he is a guy.

    Video Game Character:

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  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Horus Kingston
    Nicked-Name: Hora (Oh-Ra) or King
    Age: 15
    Gender: Manliest of Men
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 111.1 Lbs of pure greatness
    Personality: Horus is extremely carefree, and head strong. Taking orders and rules as mere suggestions. Letting little effect him, doing only what HE wants to do, and taking strong offense to anyone restricting or trying to influence the choices he makes. Horus can be pretty immature at times, sometimes going out of his way to annoy someone, just to elicit a response from them. He is also argumentative, making it a bit difficult to become friends with someone who looks for an excuse to fight with almost everyone just because he can. Despite all of this if you can get on his good side, he's a relatively nice guy . . . despite his arrogant attitude. All he really wants is to be liked, and fit in. But he doesn't want to be humiliated in the process, so he goes about making friends in his own twisted way.
    Background: Horus was born and raised in America by a loving father and mother. Until somewhat recent economic issues caused his dad to leave the family when he was 10 years old. With no father, Horus took up the house work for his mom, while she had to work two jobs to support them. Because of this, Horus rarely saw his mother and was actually taken care of by his cousin Jasmine, who was 15 at the time. She lived with them due to her own familial issues for as long as he could remember, so to him she was already like a sister. But now she took on a more motherly role. 5 years later his cousin managed to find a job and a cheap 2 bedroom apartment in Japan. Not only that but she had heard of a great school in the area. Catching a flight at the first opportunity they both flew out to Japan. Horus is now enrolled in the New Heights Academy, while his cousin supports his mom with the money she makes.
    Grade: Sophomore
    Extra Deets': Horus houses an uncanny natural talent for just about anything he puts his mind to. Able to excel in all of his endeavors with little to no effort on his part. Academically Horus is nothing short of brilliant, he's able to understand just about all of his subjects with no issue. And because of that, he never studies for tests, but still manages to get good grades, to the surprise of his teachers. Horus is an incredible athlete, sports being the only thing he seems to put effort into, the only reason he doesn't do the same for his academics is because well . . . academics bore him. He has developed his own strategy for passing high school, while still managing to have time to do what he wants. He tends to ignore homework, usually only answering half the questions, and having the rest covered in drawings. But the one aspect of school he puts all his effort into is heavily graded assignments. Like tests, quizzes, and projects. Normally acing these larger assignments, it allows him to almost ignore his homework entirely. In his own words, "Why bore myself by trying to succeed, when I can slack off and succeed anyway~?"
    Vidja Gaem Persona:
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  7. All accepted. Also, Nadrojo, that's a good motto to live by XD
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  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Noboyuki Nakamura (First, Last)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Height: 5'2''
    Weight: 106 lbs.
    Personality: Noboyuki (Yuki to his friends) is a happy-go-lucky guy that, although made fun of by half of the school, is completely unfazed by life. He prefers to listen rather than talk in a conversation, only throwing in stuff on the side to get the other person talking again. Yuki only actually has long, engaging conversations with friends. He hates the school uniforms, preferring comfort over style. Yuki isn't a bully, and likes to get in with the nerd group. He wants to be friends with everyone he meets (though that is very unsuccessful with the "cool kids" and the football players... and the cheerleaders... and half of the school...) He isn't mad about that, though. Anger isn't on his agenda. He spends his time out of school texting, playing video games, sleeping, hanging out with friends, and drinking Fanta. But only Fanta Zero. "Why Fanta Zero?" "I am scrawny, and I'll keep it that way, thanks. Also, it's a sponsorship thing." "Wait, what?" "Nothing, nothing..." He is the chef of his household.
    Background: Noboyuki was born to a Japanese family with lots of money. At 12, when he told his parents of his sexuality, they didn't approve at all. They kicked him out of the house, leaving him with his aunt, who lived (and currently lives in) an apartment building. . His aunt accepted him for who he was, her reaction being the exact opposite of his parents'. He currently lives with her, and is actually glad that his parents kicked him out. Yuki knows that he wouldn't have made all of the friends he has if he lived with a rich family and went to a private school.
    Education: Yuki isn't as educated as most of the smarter kids, because he kinda dorks around in class. He usually is a an AB student with a C in Math and an F in physical education.
    Physical Education: "I DON'T WANT TOOOOOOO, I'M TOO LAZYYYYYYY" This is him on the couch reaching for the remote. You can imagine him during P.E.
    Grade: Sophomore
    Video Game Character:[​IMG]
    Online, Noboyuki goes by Fanta幸雪149 online. Everyone online calls him Fanta. (The online name is actually just Fanta, Yuki,an alternate spelling for Yuki, and 149) Yuki is currently a level 67 on his favorite MMORPG.
    Extra: He currently works at a sushi restaurant.
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  9. Appearance:


    Emiko West






    Weight/Height may seem a little small/unnatural but she is training to be a dancer and she does dance on Pointe. To become a professional ballerina/dancer, especially in Japanese culture, a girl needs to be small.

    Emiko isn't shy but she isn't loud. She's not an introvert and she's not an extrovert. Honestly, she doesn't know herself very well. Emiko finds it easy to talk to many different people and will start a conversation with you at random. She has a short fuse though and is quick to anger, especially around topics that she strongly believes in. Like vegetarianism, since she is one. Emiko finds herself talking to much and will often shut herself up, reprimanding herself for allowing herself to talk. She tries to live by the motto, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." She fears that people think she's to outgoing or to boisterous and so often she will recline into a shell and only talk when she has something important to say. This shell doesn't last long though, especially around people she loves and enjoys. All around, Emiko is just a self conscience girl with a lot of quirks. She thinks a lot about the bigger meaning of life and events in her life, including the really small things.

    Short bio:
    Emiko was born in the UK to two English parents who studied culture and loved to travel. They were always fascinated by the Japanese culture so were quick to give Emiko an Japanese name. Especially since they knew one day they wanted to live in Japan.

    Emiko's parents got a divorce before her Freshman year of high school. They often were at ends and it was nobody's fault. Nobody had an affair or was abusive. It was a mutual understanding of not really loving each other anymore. Seeing her parents fall out of love was probably the hardest thing Emiko has ever had to go through.

    But she found her solace in her dancing. Emiko has always been a dancer, always twirling around and laughing. She found herself fascinated by every type of dance but mostly contemporary and ballet. Her father never approved of dance, hoping Emiko would follow in his path and become a successful architect and take over the family business. Emiko's mother is a lot more relaxed and believes that she should follow whatever passion she has and encourages her to do what she loves. So Emiko continues to dance away and study architecture all at the same time. She finds that she really truly does love both and it keeps her close to both of her parents. Dance for her mother and architecture for her father.


    She currently lives with her mother in Kōun, as her mother lives in an apartment just a few blocks away from the school. Her father lives in Kisaragi though, but provides transportation to school for her. Since she lives with him every other month.

    Her favorite color is deep blue.

    She's basically goes to school, dances, and studies architecture at home and that's how she has always lived her life. She wants to try something new but it scared to do it alone. She needs to make friends....

    Oh! And she loves the ocean! If you ever want to see a softer side of Emiko, just bring her to an ocean.

    And if you didn't catch before, Emiko is a vegetarian.

  10. Accepted!
  11. Appearance:
    Name: Rain Nightcloud


    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Straight

    Height: 5'7"

    Weight: 150

    She loves making friends. Many people trust her even when they don't really know her. They say it's just because of how kind and caring she is towards them. She sticks by her friends and stands up for them when she see's there being picked on. She a book worm and does really good in math. Some call her a nerd and she excepts it. She also is very creative she loves to draw.

    It's her first year at New Heights Academy. She transferred from her old private school called Lotus Blade Academy. Her family moved to the city of Kōun from the country side over the summer. She's still getting to know and use to the city life. Her parents own a bakery called the Blooming Lotus. She didn't pick out the name. She has no siblings, and is hoping to make new friends. Another reason her family moved was because she got into a fight with someone. She was beaten pretty badly and so after that her parents enrolled her into a martial arts class once they moved. (She has improved a lot and can now defend herself decently, but she is not yet a master of the arts.)


    Her favorite colors are blue, purple, black, orange, and red. She likes to go to comic cons, read, and draw. (She use to get in trouble for drawing in class at her old school.) She meditates usually during gym if she can instead of participating unless there doing soccer. She can be really protective of her friends. (The reason she was in the fight was to protect one of her best friend who she still keeps in touch with named Alexandra. She calls her Alex or Al. The guy was going to beat Alex to a pulp but Rain wanted to take the betting instead.)

    Video Game:
    Because she's well a nerd she is really go at stagey games and she loves RPs. She has many gamer friends for she is a social butterfly. She likes playing in a group and she sticks by the motto that "Nobody Gets Left Behind." She tries to make sure everyone is on the same page in the RP and if there a newbie she has enough patients to help them figure out and understand the game. But if you cross her or a friend she will turn on you. She keeps in touch with Alex through there games and the phone.​
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  12. Accepted!
  13. Accepted as well! (Why do i keep saying accepted? they all know that they are gonna make it in...)
  14. Because we love the sweet, sweet notifications we get when you do.
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  15. Also, I'm gonna add an optional thing to the CS. If you would like to add a picture for your character in the video game, that would be appreciated, but isn't necessary at all.

    " I don't have time to waste on the likes of you. "

    Dez - A shortened version of her name that she seems to prefer. Her siblings call her this.
    Skye - Her middle name, used by her older brother simply because he wanted to be different.
    Frost - She insists all whom she is not close with refer to her by her last name as is custom.

    Age - Sixteen ║ Gender - Female ║ Nationality - Japanese & English ║ Birthdate - June 22nd ║

    Appearance -
    Sexuality - Pansexual ║ Height - 5'7" ║ Weight - 125lbs ║ Grade - Junior [ Eleventh Grade ] ║

    Dez stands at 5'7" tall, making her pretty average height wise amongst the English, however with the Japanese she towers above most of the ladies and some of the shorter boys. The girls figure is slim and dainty. In regards to looks, you could say she is of above average, pretty even, but her attitude towards others makes her unappealing. She holds the delicate, pale complexion value throughout Japanese culture, accompanied by thick, long silky and rather pale blonde locks that frame her face when not tied back in a pony tail out of convenience. Her eyes are nearly black, but they hold a trace of blue. The color seems to pop in the sunlight. The almond shape of her eyes gives them a sharpness, and they are complimented by thick black lashes. Her style of clothing is pretty straight forward, black tops of varying styles are common enough, band logos and skulls decorate the dark material. Dez often wears tights and shorts, along with large black combat boots that seem wore well beyond their years. Hanging around her neck there is a locket, silver in color and welded shut, she wears no other jewelry.
    Personality -

    Introverted. The girl lives within the walls she has built to hide her from humanity, books, the internet, music. They are her safe haven, the places where she is free to dream and live. Though she would like to talk to people freely she often keeps to herself, not out of shyness but simply because intelligent people are hard to find. The girl seems to hold herself on a pedestal, looking down on all others who lack the intelligence she bares. Though many throughout her school hold low opinions of her she manages to retain a great deal of pride and self-worth. She walks with her head held high, bag slung over her shoulder and dark eyes trained on the distant horizon. Though mostly quiet she's opinionated and will speak out against anything she disagrees on. She is utterly self reliant, a true lone wolf, and seems to have trust issues. When you first meet her, she will strike you as cold, unsociable and at rare times, easily angered. She's capable of feelings and love, but it takes a bit of digging to her to her soft warm side, a bit of digging is something very few want to try. The girl is a bit of a tomboy, gruff and foul-mouthed at times, there isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't use sarcasm. in one way or another.

    Biography -

    In short, she was born and raised in England for twelve years of her life, until the point that her dad got a job in the island country of Japan. The family moved and while adapting wasn't the easiest task they managed. Eventually she ended up in Kisaragi, just outside the city because the prices of housing was low. She lives there in a traditional japanese home, attending New Heights, along with her siblings. They transferred during her last year of middle school. Now mix in a handful of teenage angst, bullying along side a bit of harassment and you have the cocktail that is her life. In truth, the tolerance of the school is something she appreciates, but she's been so mentally wounded by past experiences at less kind schools with pettier children that its now a habit not to let people get close to her.
    Video Game Character -


    She goes by the username 'DivineJudge' online universally, or 'Div' for short. Dez'll often make the avatar similar to her in almost all aspects, but she may enhance her ears to be pointed or change her hairstyles, as well as eye colors. Also, in regards to stats, she'll focus her strength in gaining speed primarily, and if there is magic she'll put a priority on wind. Once that is done she'll concentrate of making her attacks more powerful and expanding her arsenal. She's rather dangerous in game due to being both ruthless and quick enough on her feet that she is exceptionally difficult to catch let alone hit, and her attacks, though not overpowered, come continuously in rapid blasts. The girls outfits and weapons consist of light pieces in order to help her deal quick blows, the only metal she bares is in a chain-mail piece underneath her tunic. Because of her clothing's type it provides little help against arms and attacks, which shows just how heavily she relies on her speed.
    Others -
    [ Artist & Writer ]
    "It's like being a god, of whatever world you decide to create."
    Dez has always held a skill in the arts, her acting is not shabby and her singing, though not the best, is not horrific. Though she has a good few skills none are better than her ability to write, as well as draw, though she does the latter more often. The girl uses her gifts to take her mind off of the stresses and trials of everyday life because she cannot coop with the the lot she's been given. The girl writes as an escape, she uses the characters she creates to live as she cannot, uses them to travel through a thousand worlds and life a thousand lives that would otherwise be unavailable to her.

    [ Video Games ]
    "Video Games are love. Video Games are life"
    As mentioned earlier, Dez is not a social butterfly in any way shape or form, but when playing behind a screen she certainly gains some.... vigor. The girl has more online friends than she ever will in real life, and even that group is select. The girl can appreciate most video games, but to be her favorite graphics and plot need to work together in glorious harmony. Very few do. The girl has played since she picked up a fantasy game with a green clad elf as the hero, when she was six, it became a habit and talent before graduating into a borderline obsession.

    [ Family ]
    "I used to wish I could pick my family, but they've grown on me... like a fungus"
    1 2 3 4 5
    She has five siblings. The youngest is a girl of eight, followed by a set of fourteen year old twins, the younger brother sits at sixteen while the older one is nineteen. All five have their own distinct personalities and traits that make them all equally annoying. The youngest is Rose, followed by Chrissy and Dawn, then comes Tyrion and finally Sethen. Rose is all too sweet, but is one of the most loved children, Chrissy is the true definition of a stereotypical goth, while Dawn dresses in clothing that only covers half of who --Dez believes-- should be covered. Tyrion is a cute boy with a severe case of sticky fingers and Seth is pretty much Dez, but male and with no talent in the arts. He's a natural boxer. Their father is a man who is scarcely home, he puts work before all things and their mother is not much better. Though she is home at all times, she is not the most useful, being a pile of ash within an urn will do that.
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  17. Sucks the original one got discontinued before we even started, but I'm glad we still get a chance to role play it! (Gee, this is the third time I've posted this CS for this rp. :T)
    Name: Cho Mori
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 115
    Personality: She's always been a silent character, and doesn't speak too often, only when she finds it necessary. She's very sweet and kind and usually has a small smile on her face. However, she's never had many friends due to the fact she doesn't usually open up to others. She's also very studious and knowledgeable.
    Short bio: Cho was originally from Kisaragi, having lived there for most her life. However, towards the end of middle school her family moved to Kōun to get closer to the rest of her family and to get into more of the city scene. She was sad to leave her home and friends. She didn't like the city all the much, due to it being so crowded and busy. But at least she'd be closer to family. Not that she wasn't already close to them. But hey, beggars can't be choosers.
    Cho is generally found around school with her nose stuffed in a book, either doing school work, writing something, or reading. Outside of school she doesn't do much different. And more often then not, you can find her anywhere with a peaceful setting, like the local park. There, she'll generally be practicing meditation or yoga, but you can also find her on the fountain reading or writing. She's always been the silent type, and not at all because she is shy. She's definitely not afraid to speak her mind or anything like that when she needs to. But if you haven't already got it, she generally prefers silence over sound.
    She's always had the best grades in any of her classes and is usually the best student of her class. She's never had anything lower than a B and she's also a very organized. She known throught school as either "That quiet girl" or as "That really smart girl". Either way she's pretty known throughout campus.
    Grade: Junior

    Video game self:
    During game, Chi is basically the kind of character you think she'd be, and a whole lot like she is in the real world. The only thing different is the fact she is never writing here.
    She is a stealth character and due to the fact she prefers to be alone she is more of a solo player(ehehe). However, if she has to she I'd definitely willing to play with another.
    (Yay! Got the character thing up at the last minute!)​
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  18. You are accepted! I'm gonna wait for everyone from the old one to put their profile on(i messaged them all), and then we will start.
  19. I'm so glad this is going on!! Everyone could up with such amazing characters that I would hate to see them go to waste!
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  20. My thoughts exactly. I saw some really good profiles that had a lot of effort put into them. I liked a lot of characters and I actually started making scenarios between characters in my head.
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