New Haven Initiative: Season One

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    This is what the New Haven Initiative will become someday. A massive group of masked vigalantes that keep the entire city safe. A heroic movement that is scorned by some but embraced by most. Before it was a city wide movement it was something much smaller. Five people joined together by a mutal goal, clean up the streets. This is their story.

    (For those who have watched the Doc, Superheroes, you know about the New York Initiative. This idea is based on that. We are looking for super heroes with a very low power base that are battling street level crime. A lot of the story will deal with the interactions of these characters as they live together, work together and love eachother. The city of New Haven is similar to Chicago and New York but is a little darker. City officials are a little more corrupt and crime is a little bit worse. In this setting there are people that have powers but nothing to crazy. My guidelines are that powers can come from any ability that a human can do already just better. So nobody can fly, but you might be able to jump really high. I have two characters in mind already and I am looking for three more to round out the group.)

    1) Raz (inteligent, inventive and very agile)
    2) The Watcher (enhanced senses and relexes)

    Character info
    Powers or Strengths:
    Why you do this:
  2. Raz

    Character info
    Name Elliot Razmun
    Alias Raz
    Powers or Strengths: He trains all the time and thus has become very agile and good at fighting. He also has a very clever mind and is always inventing gadgets to help the group. He is also the defacto leader.
    Personality: He is kind hearted and very level. He works hard to be in control of his emotions at all time. He has trouble letting people in and is very focused. Some people think he has trouble having a good time.
    Why you do this: He has a vision. A plan to save his city.


    Character info
    Name Aria Watcher
    Alias The Watcher
    Powers or Strengths: She has enhanced senses but she can only activate one at a time. She also has enhanced reflexes because of her senses.
    Personality: Aria is high functioning autistic which means that most consider her quite odd. She is not great at social situations. Often time she blerts out things or is too honest with people. She lacks tact but has a kind heart.
    Why you do this: Because she has gifts that are linked to her autism and because she was attacked at a young age.

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