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Hi there, my name's Luke and I just joined. My story getting here was pretty straightforward, I was looking around for a new RP site to be on and this one popped up. I gave it one good look over and decided this was the place for me.

Little bit about myself, I've RPed for a few years now, but sort of fell out of it for two years or so. I'm really looking to get back into it, so yeah I'd say that's about it. I'm really hoping to get to know the people hear and RP some good stories.
Hey there Luke! Welcome to Iwaku :)

I'm Sakura :D If you have any questions or need help, let me know ^^
Welcome Luke! Glad to see an experienced roleplayer abound! I hope you enjoy your time here!
Welcome to the Iwaku! : D
*gives cupcake*
Hope you enjoy your time here and start moving around some RPs!
*heavy breathing* Luke... I am your father

eh I couldn't help my self to something that I know anyway welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions at all and I can help

*walks off into the shadows*
Ahh noobs, the only time Iwaku members are nice. Hope you become a regular with us and stay away from Diana, she'll try to corrupt you.
Hey there! Check out our OOC area, we have a bunch of badass roleplays going on. >:D
Hmn... and right after Kaze said something about Diana...she decides to post after him... XD
It's only natural Loveless lol

Anyways, I'm GMK if you have a Daemon me.
*sticks a 'excommunicate me' sign on GMK's back*

Vay here, rp support and daemon possessed xeno most of the time, answering your questions the rest of the time. All I require is an oath of fealty, your soul and for your to post a roleplayer's resume
*pokes everybody and runs away*