New guy here

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  1. hello everyone am glad i found an rp site,now what i do?
  2. just look around the site and find a rp you want to work on, and write. check out my new thread 'A Tourtured Eternity'
  3. tryiun to get six

    oh my imagination is a very dark and twisted place. my fondest memory is using photoshop to do a cartoon of wooden puppets that get tossed into a chipper shredder and turned to mulch...
  4. haha that sounds awesome :) i wish i was that talented to show all the twisted things in my head, but on occasion i can barely put it to paper. i would like it if you would work on my rp with me, if you want anyway
  5. Heyo! Welcome! Hope to see you around!
  6. Hello and welcome to the forum. You seem to share my tastes of a dark and twisted imagination. I hope we could RP some time.
  7. Welcome! I am also new haha.
    Hope to see more of your around, even if you have a darker imagination then me. xP