New Guy here, recently migrated from another forum...

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  1. A shovel jams its way up through the dirt, and a helmeted figure sticks his head out of the resulting hole in the ground. Shielding his eyes from the sudden blinding light, he crawls out of the hole and stands up like a prairie dog, looking around for other role-players like himself.

    "Hello! Anyone willing to say 'hi' to the newcomer?"


    Aaaand that's me. Hi all, I came over from another forum for an obscure game to escape the dwindling role-play population. I haven't actually participated in a proper RP for a few months, and this seemed like a decent place to refresh, so I thought, Hey, why not? So here I am.
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  2. Always willing to say hello to anybody. Welcome to Iwaku, Makoons! You'll enjoy it here and the members are awesome. Enjoy your stay!
  3. I'm new here as well. :) I'm The Revived Roleplayer. I came here too because I needed a new start and I wanted to get back into roleplay again, since my skills were being wasted elsewhere.
    And by the way, I love your intro! :D
  4. *SHRIEKS* ZOMBIE! @___@

    Welcome to the site zombie! O_O