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  1. Areiz stepped into the portal that had opened in her small treehouse. She felt a rush of cold wind as she looked around. "Santa's workshop.." She muttered. Seemingly at those words, Santa Claus, Bunnymund, Jack Frost, the Tooth Fairy, and Sandman burst through the door behind her. "You're here!" Jack Frost and the Tooth Fairy said at the same time. Areiz stepped back, her white hood falling down to show her black hair and dark blue eyes.
    "You're the new guardian?" This time, it was Santa Claus, and he sounded doubtful.
    Areiz glanced between the five. "I-I guess. What am I here for, may I ask? I thought you all could handle the children yourself?"
    Sandman shook his head and Bunnymund looked a little hurt. "There's a new evil." Bunnymund said simply.
    Areiz was a little surprised, but not much. It had to be something that was causing kids to cry and to stop being nice to eachother. "Who?"
    All of the guardians shrugged, saying they didn't know. Areiz sighed inwardly, but nodded. She consented to joining them, as long as no one touched her arrows. "So, where do we start?" Santa threw down another snowglobe and a portal opened. It was night in the street, but it was illuminated by street lights. They all stepped through and entered the new street.
  2. The man stood atop a clock tower a long distance away from the street that the group appeared on. He wore a black trench coat and dark dress pants as well. A red bow tie adorned the collar of this mans shirt, and a dark top hat sat upon his unnaturally blue and spiked hair. The figure reached into the pocket of his white dress shirt before pulling out an old stopwatch which seemed almost like an antique. His eyes scanned the watch for the time before shrugging.

    It still was not midnight yet so he couldn't do the plan he thought up. "Do I even need my power... I don't think I do... I could mess up that group of guardians with my eyes closed anyways." A loud cackle came from atop the tower, loud enough to signal the group of guardians. He quickly put a gloved hand upon his mouth before jumping off the top of the tower onto another home. "I need to learn how to shut up sometimes..."
  3. Areiz's head shot up at the sound of a laugh. "Someone's watching." She drew her bow, but no arrow was loaded. Her hand hovered over the stunning arrows she'd made herself.
    All of the Guardians spun around, looking for the source of the laugh. Jack Frost jumped into the air, using the wind to look around. "I don't see anyone."
    Areiz shook her head. "If it doesn't want you to see it, what's makes you think it will?"
    Toothiana nodded her head. "She's right."
    Areiz stood still, searching the night with her eyes, but came up empty. "Someone is definitely here..we just can't see them." She glanced at Jack, as if he knew what she meant best. And he did.
    "But who would it be? Who has the children came up with this time?" Santa said.
    "Who knows." This time, it was Bunnymund who spoke.
    Areiz had decided to stop procrastinating with searching and just to keep her guard up. "What's the plan?" The group made a tight-knit circle and whispered.
    "I'm taking the left side of the street, Ariez, you've got right." Jack started.
    "I'm taking the Sky and so is Sandman." Toothiana said.
    "And I'm going to be checking the odd-end houses." Santa finished. They all split up to their posts and Areiz, Jack, and Santa started going from house to house to check and be sure Sandman's dream sand was working so the children had happy dreams that night, no matter how terrible their day had been. Areiz stopped at one house to watch a young girl's dream. She was walking around hand-in-hand with a little boy. Areiz smiled, but continued on.
  4. The man looked at the moon before giving a faint smile and looked down at the group, which had now split to search different areas of the city. He jumped down off of the house and onto the right side of the sidewalk which had the guardian with the quiver upon her back. He quickly stood up straight before looking the woman dead in the eye. He rose up his right arm and swung it down so that it faced right at her, index finger pointing outwards.
    "Haha, so you're the new guardian huh? Want to know how I know? Because I have seen all those pesky little creatures before hand, all of them except you."
    The shrouded man laughed in the darkness, but then put a hand over his mouth again, realizing at that moment that he could have signaled others. While he kept his pose, his left hand reached into his coat again to grab stopwatch. He checked the time again, and it was 11:15 PM. He had to mess around for forty five minutes before he could release nightmares into the minds of the children.

    "So, care to dance for a bit? Or am I not your type?" A slight grin adorned his facial features after the sentence.
  5. Areiz stopped dead in her tracks, pulling her arrow up. "Who are you?" She said, her voice stern and deadly.
    Jack heard something and looked across to Areiz. He saw her draw her bow and stepped forward.
    Areiz made the slightest shake of her head, telling Jack no.
    Jack Frost stopped, returning hesitantly to his duties, but being as watchful as ever on the figure in front of her.
    "What do you want?" She said in the same tone, her emotionless face expressing absolutely nothing.
  6. "Aww, what's with that look miss, are you angry?"
    A loud cackle came from the man before shaking his head.
    "And you can call me Xevel, my real name is off limits to the likes of you."
    He gave a little bow before taking off his top hat to reveal a bat sitting upon his head. The bat then flapped its wings before flying over to Areiz and circled around her head.
    "I will tell you my purpose though. It's to make children fear. I want all the kids of this city to experience nightmares, and then the next, and the next! Oh what fun it is to see children suffer in their dreams, even after a bad day!"
    He than gave a sly grin before pulling out his antique watch once again. He pressed golden button at the top, and a loud tick sounded. A long blade, about a foot and a half sprouted out of the bottom. The button then extended outward and also in width, to make a hilt for the WatchBlade. He then pointed the blade in the woman's direction before tilting his head to the left.
    "Are you 'Goody Guardians' trying to get in my way?"
  7. Areiz shook her head at Xevel. "You will be stopped." She said quietly, letting the arrow fly towards Xevel's shoulder.
    At that exact moment, Jack started running over to the two, calling the other Guardians. Areiz held up her hand as they started. She wanted to see what Xevel had to offer before pulling the others in to what might be too much.
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